Don’t Feed the Beast – Understanding Fuel and Malignant Narcissists

Hope comes with understanding in bad situations. Deep confusion leads to despair. I have received many messages of appreciation for the series I have published in the last few years on the topic of narcissistic abuse and toxic people/relationships. A search on my home page (search window is just under comments in the right hand … Continue reading Don’t Feed the Beast – Understanding Fuel and Malignant Narcissists

What a Shame

Anyone who has been a target of malignant narcissist abuse has a long journey to health, both physically and emotionally. (The two are related.) For those affected, no reading is complete without understanding the role of toxic shame.  Here’s a definition of what that is: Toxic Shame is a neurotic, irrational feeling of worthlessness, humiliation, self … Continue reading What a Shame

Oh, the Books!

I still remember the scent when I opened the door to the children’s section at the library as a child. I say scent, because the collective smell of the books was beautiful to me. It evoked a sense of excitement—far off places, beloved characters in stories, biographies of interesting people, and so much more. I  … Continue reading Oh, the Books!