Child Character – Take the Long View

Many young parents (and some not so young) wrongly believe that rotten character in kids is just a phase, and they even glorify it by posting videos of young children mouthing off to parents, flagrantly disobeying and then lying about it. These kind of videos are laughed at routinely on social media. Anyone who notes that this conduct is not funny and is, in fact, harmful, is howled down and ridiculed for being too uptight.

You would have to be a blind fool not to see the working out of rotten character into all areas of society. The breakdown of respect for authority is real, and it threatens every one of us who try to live in peace with our families. Lawlessness is the new normal.  Looking at the state of American parenting in the last two generations, this should not be a surprise.

I wrote this piece at today, noting how important it is that we correct our children when we see traits like selfishness in them. Left to grow,  things will not end well for children or those they touch.



4 thoughts on “Child Character – Take the Long View

  1. HealingInHim says:

    Thank you, Ingrid. A very important post.
    Unfortunately, even though I tried my best to discipline and control my children in a Christ-honoring way; the years of influence by in-laws and others have me sadly dealing with some very selfish adult children. They are rude to me and I fear how my grandchildren will turn out.
    My in-laws had a term for my one child as when the displayed “defiance” … they thought this child had “spunk”.
    Even the best of intentions by ‘one’ parent can be damaged by the consistent nourishing and promotion of bad character by others. 😦
    Thank you for providing links to the other articles. I must share them with others. There are a few parents who desire respect for authority or others in general, however, they are often ridiculed. 😦

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