Love Without Walls Is No Love at All

A protester this week held up a sign that said, “No walls for the Land of the Free.”  No walls. No barriers. Nothing. The false thinking expressed on that sign applies to far more than the current political scene.

Imagine a random person of unknown origin passes our home some night. There are no locks on the doors, no barriers, because my husband and I have decided we will just live in “love” to all those who are in need. No walls, no boundaries. No checking as to who these strangers are.

The individual, and then another, and another comes right in, and they help themselves to the food Tom has bought for our family. One assaults our daughter and me, the others take off with the things we own to be sold for cash.  Tom watches it all passively,  eyes filled with compassion and tears  for the strangers who have harmed us.  Life without walls, only love. Right? The whole scene should provoke moral outrage, not admiration. Because that’s not love.

Love that does not protect is not love at all. Love bounds in what is valuable and precious and ensures its safety. The locks on our doors are there to protect us. Tom protects us and keeps a watchful eye out for our well-being, because he  loves us, and he hates what is a threat to us.

Real love hates, yes, hates, what threatens the object of that love. It is prepared to erect walls around it to preserve and protect. People care about their valuables and entrust them to banks with vaults for a reason. They lock out what threatens the things they care about.

This is why nations and leaders that don’t protect the freedoms and safety they enjoy  by erecting strong boundaries are fools.  Any help they provide to those in genuine need should take place only when what is most important is protected.

Likewise, men and women who don’t protect their marriages and their children don’t show true love at all. Love erects a barrier so that harm does not come to what is precious. Borders are there to preserve and protect. Without them, nothing of value is safe.