A Holocaust Survivor Rescues Persecuted Christians

ChristiansSyriaHere’s a heart-warming story of a holocaust survivor who has set up a fund to rescue the persecuted Christians in Syria who are facing terrible persecution.

Charles Krauthammer writes about this amazing man in an article in National Review.

“The consequences for Christians [in the Middle East] are terrible — enslavement, exile, torture, massacre, crucifixion.” — Charles Krauthammer

But a man, who himself was taken in by Christians in 1938, has stepped up to try to help. Here’s the story.



“God Knows My Size”

size1.jpgI was sent a book a few days ago. I couldn’t stop reading one evening until it was finished. It is the story of Silvia Tarniceriu, a Romanian woman who grew up under the communist dictator, Nikolai Ceaucescu. Friends, we don’t even have a clue what suffering for Jesus is like in our country. Silvia’s story sings of God’s mercies and grace. The title, God Knows My Size refers to a prayer she prayed as a child when her poverty stricken family could not provide her needs. She decided to see if God existed as her parents claimed by praying for a pair of shoes that she desperately needed, a sweater and a warm coat. Let’s just say God provided all three in one package, and God knew her size! That was the beginning of her walk with God. I am working to get Silvia on Crosstalk to share her amazing story of courage and faith in the face of terrible persecution and suffering under communism. Let’s put it this way: Ceaucescu is dead. Jesus is alive! All praise be to our risen Lord who is on the throne and will be for all eternity. If you are interested in reading this thrilling book, here is a link to Reformation Heritage Books.