Light in the Windows

Emily and I like looking at Christmas and snowy winter photos, and together we picked out the ones we liked the best. Our little girl (she is six-years-old now) is excited that we’re only 12 days away from Christmas Eve. Today she has practice at church for the Lessons and Carol service coming up next Friday.  She will be wearing her white choir robe and singing with the other children in the Cherub Choir the old, old story of our Savior’s birth. “I love to sing, Mama,” she told me last night.

Here are some of the images that we like best.  The contrast between the cold and dark and light and warmth through the windows in these images never fails to draw a viewer in.  It’s a cold and dark world and that’s why the love light in our homes and communities is what matters most.


whitechristmas6whiteChristmas 7