Janet Mefferd is Back!

After five years on the Salem Radio Network, Janet Mefferd is back on the air with a new program, Janet Mefferd Today. Ambassador Advertising tweeted this announcement this morning.  It is my pleasure to assist Janet as producer for the new program. Janet will be interviewing the news makers, authors and other guests on the critical issues in the country, world and the church from a Christian perspective. The show debuts on 140 stations and it will also be podcasted beginning today at her site. (See above link.) The show airs at different times on different stations. You can hear the program here at Sound Cloud each day where it will be podcasted. The first show is already up.


Dr. Russell Moore Slams Christian Talk Radio

MooreThe president of the Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission was called out Thursday by syndicated radio host Janet Mefferd over controversial statements he made at an ERLC gathering last week.

I detail what happened in this piece for the Pearcey Report. Dr. Moore’s sweeping indictment of Christian talk radio was way, way over the line. As of yet he has not retracted nor apologized for his comments. I and others have long believed that Moore is a change agent, and not a good one, in SBC leadership. His incendiary remarks are only the latest in a line of comments that are troubling and contradictory. For example, if Christians should not be involved with politics, only the Gospel as he recently stated, why in the world is he going around shilling for immigration reform with political leaders? That behavior seems more than a little political, Dr. Moore.

To accuse Christian talk radio – issues radio that covers the ongoing moral and social collapse in this country – of causing others to hate Christianity, and to make this statement without specifics or qualifications, is irresponsible, unprofessional and insulting to the many Christian broadcasters whose entire philosophy of programming is rooted in the whole Gospel message. Dr. Moore needs to get on Twitter and Facebook and either get specific about who he believes it is creating hatred for Christianity on the airwaves or apologize like a man.

Ironically, this week Dr. Moore, a big fan of social media, tweeted this bumper sticker, saying, “Love it.” We love it, too, Dr. Moore. Now quit your meanness to those who work hard to broadcast the truth in love.

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