Daddy’s Girl

It’s not in the big events that the fabric of a child’s life is woven.

It’s the little things that make it—the bedtime stories, the little chats, the drawings admired by a caring parent, the silly inside jokes, the loving teasing, the moments together snatched in a busy day.

All of those threads combine to make the beautiful whole fabric of a happy childhood.

Em is reading so well now. Last night she read The Biggest Bear by Lynd Ward to her daddy. Just a few minutes together, but minutes wrapped in love that she will always remember.


My Father…

One of the great obstacles to seeing God as good is found in the pattern of our earthly families. But if our earthly fathers betray, discard and attempt to destroy us, we can be assured that our Heavenly Father loves us, forgives us, cares for us in our need and will never leave us. This little reminder photo gives Scriptural references to back up that good news!