Homey Christmas Notes

The light snow outside this morning was the cause for great excitement from the youngest in our family. Over the last two hours, I have probably been informed 100 times that there’s “snow out ‘der, Mama!”

Em’s new pink boots are at the ready by the front door. Sadly, most of the white stuff has melted already. She’s eagerly awaiting her first chance to actually play in snow.

Aunt Kris is arriving tomorrow for a Christmas visit, and she is bringing pink snow pants (what other color is there?), so our daughter will be fully prepared for the elements!

We’re working on the winter village on the dining room table. Tonight Tom will hopefully finish it up for me. Little daughter is going to be enchanted when she sees all the lights and little people. Tom made a hill underneath the “snow”, and there’s a sledder figurine that slides down the hill.

My favorite of the shops and houses is the one I have in the photo–the coffee shop. In a perfect world, that’s where I’d like to live–over the shop. The back of the store would be a book shop, and the living quarters would be upstairs. The third floor attic with the light on would be a combo trumpet studio and a private library for me (sound proofed.) If you’ve ever read The Haunted Bookshop by Christopher Morley where the couple lives at their store in Brooklyn, that about describes it!

There will be lots to look at and talk about when the village is finally up, and tonight Em will hopefully get to see it.

We have the tree up and the Nativity scene is nearby. It’s an inexpensive set I have had for many years. Emmy likes to pick up the various figures and talk about them. She calls the camels “horses” and sings happy birthday to the wise men as well as Jesus, but she’ll get it straight eventually. She brought her stuffed gorilla to sit on the roof of the stable. When I asked her what the three Wise Men brought Jesus, she got a big smile on her face and said, “Toy toys!”

My agenda for today is house cleaning, dusting in particular which takes a back seat, and grocery shopping with an eye to ingredients for gingerbread cookies. Em’s going to try her hand at decorating. It should be interesting!

Here’s one of my favorite Christmas carols, In the Bleak Midwinter.