Remember When…

These Easter dresses from a Sears ad are from before my time back in 1962, but they brought back nice memories of dressing up for Easter Sunday. My sister and I wore those pink foam curlers at night to have curls in the morning.  The even older ad below the first one  features dresses I wish you could still find. The feminine look in dresses of days gone by is something a lot of us miss.  Back briefly in the 80’s you could find dresses that were similar, and I had one that resembled the top red one. The good old days.



This time last year, my sister, Lisa, had the Boston Marathon on her mind. (Again.) That’s Lisa in the photo in red. After writing my earlier post, I thought of what an amazing athlete and an amazing person she is. She also has just been accepted into a graduate program. A true Norse woman!


The Pipes Were Calling

Seeing all the green today on St. Patrick’s Day, I thought I’d share these pics of son Sammy some years ago. He developed an interest in Celtic music and filled the house with Irish music from CD’s he took out from the library. He was intent on playing the bagpipes, and pleaded so much that Tom bought him some very good bagpipes and I drove him to lessons at the Irish Cultural Heritage Center downtown. He joined a pipe band with his friend Bobby and had a lot of fun.

You never can tell where a child’s interests will take him. My favorite memory with Sammy is of a Celtic concert I took him to when he was about 12 at the Marcus center. I’ll never forget his excitement when the piper started playing off stage and marched in.  Sam’s eyes were shining. Whenever I hear “Danny Boy”, I remember that song being sung that night at the concert, and in my mind, the song will always be “Sammy Boy.” The pipes were certainly calling.




Hats and Peeps

A friend who crochets posted this link to the most adorable little girl hats. I had to share the pattern and photo from The Whoot. It must be spring fever, but I think I’d like the blue one myself! While you’re at it, check out these peep houses at the Yesterfood blog. It’s simple enough that even I might try it with Emmy. I’m pleased to report that it is forecast to be 50 degrees F. next Tuesday here in SE Wisconsin. Hope is in sight!


Throwback Thursday

It has already been five years since Emily was born. I’ve been a mother for 28 years in April and a grandmother for almost three. Babies have been a part of my life since I began babysitting at 13 years of age when I had to learn how to fold a cloth diaper (no prefolds for that baby) and use diaper pins (run your hand between the baby and the pin so you don’t poke her!) Since then, it has been babies aplenty. Below my photo is my daughter-in-law with Peter and Max, the two most recent additions!

While I never achieved a lot of the hopes and goals I set for myself outside of motherhood, I have loved every moment of the calling I have had in being a mother and now, a grandmother. I don’t have a professional photo anymore, but this photo pretty much sums up my life’s work. I’m very grateful to have had the opportunity and pray for my children and grandchildren daily.





When Abuse is Entertainment for Christian Women

This article is written by Marie Notcheva, a friend of mine who has written counseling material on a number of important issues that affect women. In light of the popularity of the 50 Shades books and now, the movie, I thought the piece might be helpful to some. If Barna is correct, those identifying as “Christian” women are as much consumers of this as the rest of the country. The Hope Blog is written as an expression of my own Christian faith, and out of concern for young women (I do believe many young women are) eagerly consuming this material and normalizing it, I wanted to share Marie’s article.

“We are about to see a new wave of counseling cases because of “50 Shades of Grey”, and here’s why: Christian women are reading this tripe at the same rate as the general population. A Barna survey shows that nine percent of American adults have read “50 Shades”, and the statistic is exactly the same for professing Christians.” ~ Marie Notcheva

Happiness is…

….making vanilla cupcakes with Emmy. My friend Sherry from Des Moines sent Em a Peter Rabbit cupcake kit that we used this morning to make some treats. Emmy stirred it all together and put in all the ingredients. She also frosted them with a little help and a few licks. Her daddy declared they were perfect when he tried her handiwork after dinner.