He Still Gives This Gift

In His great mercy and kindness, God led us to a church where we have been welcomed warmly and where Emily’s educational needs have been met for school.  I marvel at how God works, and often in the 11th hour!

In the physical body, long term stress can cause something called Adrenal Fatigue.   A human body, long over-taxed, simply can’t keep up with the demands  placed on it. The same, I believe, is true spiritually. You can grow ill from the demands of circumstances that dismay, disillusion, and exhaust–circumstances that never seem to end in a good outcome.

Thankfully, the Great Physician is aware of this. In His time and way, He ministers to his ill sheep. I have personally experienced this, and I want to point those who are hurting to the goodness of the LORD.

When you have been ill a long time, eating food of any kind can be a difficult thing. Doctors will have you start with the mildest and easiest of foods until you can build up your strength for more.

When spiritually ill and suffering, the same thing happens. In recent years, the heavy books that are on my shelf, the deeper devotionals, the books on theology and such went untouched. I developed almost an aversion to them, like a physically unwell person would look at a plate of steak and vegetables. This is not a time to bash yourself for your lack of spirituality or appetite for these things. Realize you have been under tremendous strain that has real consequences. Then, have faith in the One who can restore you to health.

Physically, as recovery begins, a slight appetite emerges.  Strength slowly returns. Simple food is once again attractive. The same is true in our spiritual lives.

The good news is that spiritually, as with our human bodies, the basics are still essential building blocks. We need them. God uses them to rebuild and strengthen us.

Our daughter Emily is the blessed recipient of much good basic doctrinal teaching. Sunday school at our church is not a Chuck E. Cheese-style, high octane, fun for the kiddies experience.  It ‘s purpose is to inculcate sound Scriptural knowledge. The stories from the Bible are fascinating and ever new. Each one instructs us of basic truths about God and His attributes, and also His enduring love for us.

I was moved to tears this last week as the Sunday School at our church began anew for the school year.  I picked up the paper that Emily brought home that  summed up the lesson they had been taught. She talked about the story of Solomon’s wisdom in the case of the two mothers arguing over the surviving baby,  a story that showcases the amazing wisdom of King Solomon.

The paper she brought home was so rich in teaching, I wanted to share some of the pages with you. I was making coffee this morning, and the thought hit me again forcefully. Solomon asked for wisdom and received it. God is STILL granting wisdom. His Word that doesn’t change promises that He will if we ask. (See the book of James, Chapter 1 vs. 5, Proverbs 1:6, Col. 2:3)

Whatever your perplexity or concern, we are told very clearly—If ANYONE lacks wisdom, let them ask of God, who gives to all without reproach. What a marvelous thing that is! We can have wisdom and make wise choices, because God has promised his children that gift.

I praise and thank the LORD for this truth and for His wisdom which stands in stark relief against the foolishness and despair of our times. I also praise and thank God for His provision for our needs spiritually and educationally. What a joyful thing to realize He cares for the sheep of His flock.

P.S. As a bonus, this week Emily’s school has, as hymn of the week, Take My Life and Let it Be, by Frances Ridley Havergal. Emily’s middle name, Frances, is in honor of that long ago hymn writer and poet who gave us so many hymns and devotional writings! She plans on telling the teacher this little  fact  today!  You can read about the hymn and its author here. 



10 thoughts on “He Still Gives This Gift

  1. Becky Mc Graw says:

    Well…once again God placed your words of insight and wisdom in my life the exact day I needed them! I joined an online Christian Ladies group that is going to read the Bible through together starting tomorrow. Yesterday was not good. I’ve been so very tempted to pull out of the group because spiritually I’m overwhelmed and exhausted. You get to a place where you don’t even want to try. The enemy says, “how can you go into His presence via His Word when you’re so far from Him?!” I’m so very thankful for you, Ingrid. And I’m also thankful when you’re led to share that you do.

  2. Kris says:

    We can all use these great teachings. So glad the kids are learning the true meaning of the
    many messages of these wonderful Bible stories. A great lesson for all.

  3. 'grandma' Jeanne says:

    Oh…I just can’t put into words what this has meant to me, Ingrid. I thank you for using your ability with words to share these thoughts. Emotional healing and spiritual healing are connected. We are whole beings. We can’t change others…but we can look to the LORD for how to deal with others. Get wisdom…it’s the principle thing…

  4. Denise says:

    Once again, your writing has touched me when most needed. Praying for wisdom and healing for ourselves and other wounded and exhausted sheep.

  5. 'grandma' Jeanne says:

    I think there has been a mind set in Christianity that says we have to work, work, work….I saw a person I admired do that…she lost her husband to divorce…his needs never came first to her..always others. We have to be very careful to maintain what God sees as important….not what others have told us is important.

  6. Carolyn says:

    Praising the Lord for this blessing for your family!!! I do hope this is a place where you can rest, be refreshed, and flourish!

    And you are correct about adrenal fatigue, as well as the fatigue from being spiritually beaten down. One can only take so much. It is true that God often works at the proverbial 11th hour. At least to us it seems at the 11th hour… but He’s never late!

  7. Brenda pope says:

    I would like to know where to find the bible lessons. I would love to have them for our children’s church

  8. healinginhim says:

    Praising God for your blessings of a church home and school for Emily.
    Another very timely post for me. I thank the Lord for using you to articulate such truth. Many of us ache physically and emotionally for the very reasons you stated. We feel like we are trudging in a dry and weary land and thirst for “pure water”.

  9. Anne Schaller Koch says:

    Well said, Ingrid. Many can identify with your journeys and it is always good to be reminded that God’s Word is the go to Spa for spiritual health and well being. Reading His Word daily is the recommended dose, and if we are blessed with a faithful pastor who shepherds his flock in the rich pastures of the Word, we will benefit greatly. Food for the soul and nourishment for our walk toward our heavenly home.

  10. Ingrid says:

    Brenda, here is a link to the page where Emmy’s Sunday School buys the lesson materials. Concordia Publishing House. Just scroll down this page to the age range you are looking for and click on the right one. It will take you to a page and then another page to order. It’s very inexpensive. These Sunday School materials will give you all you need to plan lessons around the Bible stories! They are really excellent! I am not sure which denominational background you’re coming from but you could adapt it for your church’s children’s ministry. Thank you for asking!


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