My Newest Love

Tom and I have six children. The youngest is seven, but the next youngest is 20. Next oldest is 21! The oldest turns 31 in August, one just turned 30 and another will turn 29 in May.  We currently have four grandchildren. Three live in Oklahoma and one lives not far from us. This is our newest grandson, Michael Ryan. He is just two weeks old. We just learned a fifth grandchild is on the way. Babies are beautiful, and grandbabies are extra beautiful!



8 thoughts on “My Newest Love

  1. 'grandma' Jeanne says:

    You look too young to be a grandmother!! And you look so serene in that picture! May God bless that baby and family.
    I have six grandchildren….sixteen to nine months….all being home schooled.
    My daughter in law is phenomenal.

  2. Mary Gehr says:

    Congrats! You look lovely and definitely not old enough to have that many grandkids! I have 7 grandbabies and I am grateful that the Lord thought of grandmas 🤗

  3. Ingrid says:

    Grandma Jeanne, I should start signing my name as “Grandma Ing”! I certainly have a wide age range of children. It confuses even me sometimes. Am the I the mother of a young child (when I’m at Emmy’s school), or a grandma? I’m both! We have it all at this house.

  4. healinginhim says:

    Congratulations on this handsome little grandson and the anticipation of another grandchild. Your heart will be overflowing with love and prayers.
    How wonderful of God to create “love”. My love for the Saviour and Lord is first and foremost. Love for other relationships are all unique.
    As a mother and grandmother I am so amazed at how the Lord has shown me the depths of a woman’s love.
    Ingrid – Hope you have a table with extensions to make room for the growing family when you have special times together.

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