7 thoughts on “Sad but True

  1. Dean says:

    This could be said of me regarding face book as I recently permanently deleted my account after 6 years. I will not miss it and it will miss me even less. It’s all good though.

  2. Ingrid says:

    Facebook is a blessing or a curse or both at the same time! I was off for four days recently. I take breaks here and there. Problem is, I now get most of my news – across the spectrum–through it, as well as weather updates, etc. and when I’m off there I end up having to go on separate websites for it all, like the “olden days!” Haha. I do have a network of some wonderful real friends on there. Whether they miss me or not, I miss them when I’m off. I love hearing their family news and reading their thoughts on things. A lot depends on people’s lives, how they use FB. It can be a bane or blessing. And like I said, sometimes both at the same time! I did notice you were gone, by the way. Thanks for connecting in that vein over the years. You are an encouragement!

  3. dacastro says:

    I know I said I won’t miss FB, while that is true for the most part I will miss your posts especially on the Laodicean churches.I recently left a local mega church is going down that road. I want you to know that you were influential in educating me about things creeping into some churches over the years through the radio and your posts.I thank you and will continue to enjoy this blog.

  4. Denise says:

    There’s a fine line between true community outreach and gimmicks purely designed to boost attendance. Our flesh craves creature comforts and entertainments, but we cry to Jesus when all seems lost. When I see demographics and numbers become the priority in a church, red flags go up for me immediately.

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