Savor Them Now

The photo below was posted at a Texas daycare. Parents were too busy on their phones to look into the faces of their dear children who had waited all day for the moment they would have a parent back. Imagine being that child, so proud of your handiwork, waiting to show Mama or Daddy what you’ve made, only to find that they don’t care enough to get off their phones. It brings me to tears.

If such a thing were possible, I wish I could have one day with each of my six children back when they were small. I can remember the feel of each their skin, the bath times, the bed time stories, the meal time fun we had, the times they were sick and I was worried, the hugs and tuck-in rituals, the kisses on their chubby faces. I love each of them more than words can say, and I always will.

Advice from older generations to the younger is not generally received well anymore. Young people don’t want to hear it. The terms “Grandma”and “Grandpa” are used as an insult online frequently to dismiss something an older person has to say. But here is what I would tell a young mom if I could. You have absolutely no idea the speed with which time flies. You hear it often, because it is true. That baby who wakes you up every two hours is a toddler by the end of their first year. Walking. Away from you. Do not resent your children’s impositions on your time. The echo of their small voices in your mind will soon be all you have, and regrets are terrible to live with.

I have to remind myself of these things every day. We have a young child, and some days, I think (as I once did when I was a young mom), I can’t wait until this child can do this herself. But what is different is that now I stop myself from that line of thinking. She will be eight years old this summer. EIGHT. How did that happen? The little girl times will come to an end so very soon that it chokes me up.

At night, I lie awake thinking of her asleep in her bed with the Hello Kitty sheets and her dolls and stuffed animals nearby, and a kind of panic hits me. Was there something else I should have done—should be doing with her? Have I enjoyed and savored this phase enough? She doesn’t know that some nights I get up to kiss her while she’s sleeping. Because she’s growing so fast, and like her siblings, she will be gone before we know it.

Moms (and Dads), whatever else you have to let go, don’t let it be loving and spending time with your little people (or kids whatever their age.) Emmy asked me to play with her the other day, and I was in the middle of something. I wish I had put it down. I promised to make some muffins with her the other day, and we never did. Muffin making is on the agenda after school today. She will be thrilled.

Don’t rush your children to the next developmental phase. Their “littleness” is precious, and they’ll get to the next milestone before you know it. Those soft little hands will soon stop reaching for yours, because they’ll be too big. Something to remember.


5 thoughts on “Savor Them Now

  1. Judi Hayes says:

    Beautiful! You said it all perfectly (and I’ve been listening to that song multiple times since I first heard it yesterday!)

  2. Judi Hayes says:

    Here’s another one that tugs at the heart’s strings, along the same lines….treasure those moments and keep them in your hearts.

  3. Sandy Whistler says:

    Dear Ingrid,
    I savor all of your articles and have for many years. I rarely send a comment which I
    regret because they have all touched me in so many ways. This article is so heart rending I
    had to write. I am a great-grandmother who has two of my great-grandchildren and their
    mother living with my husband and me. We have taken care of these children since they were
    born and I have felt the same love for them that I felt and feel for my children.
    I have on more than one occasion been witness to this kind of selfish behavior and it breaks my heart. I still remember what it was like when my children and grandchildren and now great-grandchildren were small and I wouldn’t change that for the world. I often wonder why these
    people have children. Kudos to the person who put up that sign.
    Love to you and yours, Sandy Whistler

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