Small Girl, Big Faith

fb_img_1485441432706Emily was not feeling well and was home from school last week. She wanted to watch kids’ shows on PBS, but I said, no, today was a books only day. She got propped up in bed and got her Bible story books, three different ones and spent the day, literally, immersed in them. About 11, she came into the family room where I was and had her face crumpled up with tears coming down. She held open the story of Jesus’ crucifixion with an illustration of Christ on the way to the cross. “This is so sad, Mom. They did this to Jesus.” She said several times, “It’s so sad…” We had a wonderful conversation about what it all meant. She also asked about the two criminals on the cross on each side of Jesus, how one believed and one did not, how Jesus triumphed over death by rising again, how He ascended into heaven and before He left, how He promised He was coming back. She came back several times with questions about Old and New Testament, and showed me the illustration of Jesus with the children, and then, she came back again with the story of Jesus healing the blind man, and again, showing the beautiful illustration of young Jesus at age 12, discussing the Law with the teachers in the Temple.

I have seen a great uptick of interest in our daughter about spiritual things lately. Her love for Jesus is real and it shines in her eyes when she talks about Him. It’s a very sobering responsibility to know that our children are watching and listening to us, and that we can either blunt that faith, destroy it, or nurture it, water it and help it to grow. Having this responsibility with Emily has been a great help to me spiritually. Why? Because the ugliness of this world, the harm done to us by the inexplicable evil we experience—especially from other professing Christians– can cause us to make shipwreck of our own faith. It’s in the simplicity and trust in a child’s eyes and praise that I find my way home again to the Lord many times, and I understand newly, nearly every day, why God places such value on the example of children in the area of faith. All our sophisticated thinking, intellectual pride and self-righteousness drop away when we look into the face of the Savior, like a child, and believe that his atoning wounds on Calvary covered our sin. Thanks be to God.


6 thoughts on “Small Girl, Big Faith

  1. 'grandma' Jeanne says:

    Teared me up….such a blessing and your admitting your own pain, too. Turn your eyes upon Jesus…look full in His Wonderful face…and the things of earth will grow strangely the light of His Glory and Grace.
    My husband used to quote that many times…May those words bring comfort to you, too.

  2. Ingrid says:

    My friend, Bobby, wrote this on Facebook under this piece. He put it beautifully:

    “It never ceases to amaze me, the myriad ways God helps us to stay us in our courses. It becomes increasingly so when it is not through television, but through books and the thrill of reading, that it was not a Pastor, but a child, and that He used His own story and not some cold meme on a website, that turned your attention to Him. How lovely and gentle His hand can be; an ever ominous God, who steers the universe can have such a gentle and careful touch. One might think otherwise: that so large a God might be clumsy, distracted, and quite a bit less tender.”

    In the increasingly brutal world we live in, you are less likely to find his help through “pastors”, many of which (even those who are not off the rails theologically) are busier with programs and administration and conferences and book writing and their own schedule ruts than they are people. i have found this to be tragically true throughout my life, with one exception years ago. I’m grateful to have met one pastor who took a different view of ministry. A rare thing today. Yes, God has used children, more than once, to show his kindness and love.

  3. Nancy says:

    Absolutely beautiful, thanks for sharing!
    As Jesus said suffer the little children to come unto me!!

  4. Beverley says:

    Small Girl, Big Faith = Emily
    This and many stories that I hear of Em remind me of another ‘small girl with big faith’ …
    “Though small, weak, and insignificant, this little girl knew the omnipotent and sovereign Lord of the universe with whom there was healing. She was willing to point others to the most significant Being of the universe, YAHWEH OF ISRAEL, who alone could cure Naaman’s disease.” ❤

  5. Carolyn says:

    “All our sophisticated thinking, intellectual pride and self-righteousness drop away when we look into the face of the Savior, like a child, and believe that his atoning wounds on Calvary covered our sin.”


  6. Carol says:

    Amen Ingrid. I am reading Uncle Tom’s Cabin now for the first time. It had been in my to read pile of books for years. The character of the little girl Eva and your Emily have some beautiful similarities. A childlike faith is a wonderful thing.

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