Different March, Different Women

You’re going to see a very different crowd of women and very different speakers today at the March for Life. After catching the video collection this morning of obscene, vulgar, violence promoting women on the march last weekend, this march will be a stark contrast. Those who love and want to protect all life, beginning at its most vulnerable, are marching today. I don’t care about numbers – it’s irrelevant. If there were 12, these would be the women I would march with, if only I could. But there aren’t just 12, there are millions of us who know that each child is precious, that no child deserves to be torn limb from limb and discarded with the trash, or its body parts sold for profit. (There is an actual established price on the skin of the Downs babies now routinely aborted.)

God bless all the women who stand for life today and always, who know that children are no burden when you love them. Adoption is the loving option, not murder. Vice-President Pence has my deepest respect for his promised presence there today. The harpies shrieking about men shutting up because they don’t have wombs are totally wrong. It takes two to make a child, and the voices of fathers have been totally shut out of the abortion discussion. Thank God for real men who take responsibility for the children they father. And thank God for a Vice-President with the moral character to stand for life and not further the bloody death culture of the last Administration.

“Open your mouth for the voiceless, in the cause for all who are appointed to destruction.” ~ Proverbs 31:8

(This is our little daughter, Emily, at 8 weeks. She’s the one the perinatologist suggested I should abort due to risk factors for me. I never saw that hard-faced woman again. All life deserves protection. )




3 thoughts on “Different March, Different Women

  1. Donna Knuth says:

    Amen! I wish more women felt this way. Maybe abortion wouldn’t be as rampant as it is today.

  2. laurie says:

    amen! Life is a gift from God and NO ONE has a right to disguise the murdering of babies as a choice for women’s ‘rights’ or ‘health care’. When a woman becomes pregnant, her womb has been opened by God and a child has been conceived. The Lord will not let this horrifying sin of slaughtering the innocent go unpunished. America is covered in the blood of millions of innocent babies.
    There is forgiveness in Christ and His cross for those who already have murdered their unborn child.

  3. Beverley says:

    Praying… It seems that there is a renewed strength in defending the vulnerable. Thank you, Lord and protect those who fight against ‘evil’.

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