Women, Sex and True Power

An article recently detailed the thinking of men refusing to commit to marriage. A more depressing look at the world of relationships today would be hard to find. With the loss of a sense of what real manhood actually is, there is another problem that was evident from the comments by men. Their thinking could be summarized this way: Marriage is nothing but liability for men. We don’t need it to have sex. There’s no point for us.

In our shame-free hook-up culture, women complaining about men not proposing really is irrational. When you are giving your body up without any requirement of a man’s marriage commitment beforehand, it isn’t surprising that you’re being used for pleasure alone. If you don’t require that a man get to know you, appreciate the totality of you, honor you, and respect you with his vows to be faithful, you’re going to attract exactly the kind of man who uses you up and then moves on.

What’s called progress for women is the exact opposite. What’s called “equality”, supposedly a good thing, only leads to the devaluing and degrading of women. Women think they are earning more respect, but the opposite is true. Women are used more by men now than they ever have been. They become nothing but warm bodies that exist for a man’s pleasure without the respect of a marriage commitment and the accompanying protections of that union.

Additionally, women, by demanding abortion rights, have played right into the hands of user men. They personally delivered no consequence, free use sexually of females to the guys. If free use of their body means a baby is conceived, the child can be killed for a price at a local clinic. Even fatherhood can be wiped out for a little cash.   It’s no-complication fun for men when women abandon their true power and make it so easy.

Yes, it is worse now for women than ever. The women wearing vagina hats this last weekend, screaming obscenities and bashing men have helped create the whole apocalyptic social scene we see where children’s lives are snuffed out in the womb, men scoff at the concept of any kind of commitment as they openly use females for sexual gratification, and women live in a constant state of unhappiness and rage at men. Epic failure on all fronts.

There is another world for women who respect themselves and know that they have real power when they protect and reserve their sexuality for a man who values them enough to honor them with a life commitment. There is another, very different world for women who refuse to accept the lies of the female radicals who have done more to destroy happiness than anyone else. They recognize the utter bankruptcy of those “women’s leaders” who build their cause on the frail bones of children killed in the womb. Wise women embrace and defend life at all stages and know that radical feminism is built on a foundation of total selfishness. No happiness is ever built that way.

One male in the article I read expressed these words. “A man with any smarts avoids marriage like the plague.” In reality, real manhood starts with the assuming of responsibility, the willingness to commit, and the wisdom to find a woman of the same mindset.

God bless the remnant of young men and women who see the tragedy of the social landscape today and choose to do things in wisdom. The fear and honor of the LORD is where this wisdom begins. God’s ways are the ways of peace and contentment. Those who reject that way of peace inherit the wind.


6 thoughts on “Women, Sex and True Power

  1. Chet says:

    Amen, as a man I have been committed to my wonderful wife for 45 years and the Lord has bless us children and grandchildren and with His faithfulness. Thank you Ingrid for stating this state of selfishness on both sides so clearly. Blessings Chet

  2. Kris says:

    Wow, you hit the nail on the head. Women think they are so smart and that these guys love
    them. The meaning of the word “love” now a days is not that at all. I don’t know what the
    stats are but the guys get the girls to have their way with them and then it’s “good-bye.” Let
    me say the girls are no better. God is watching and they will someday have to answer to
    their mistakes. Great post!

  3. JP Robinson says:

    Your words were an echo of my own in a post that I wrote today. I really think that you are absolutely correct. Feminism has destroyed the values of women in this country and it’s very hard for a man to respect a woman who doesn’t respect herself. As I wrote in my post no man will pay for what he can get for free. It’s a rather rude remark but I believe it accurately expresses the mindset of today’s young men. Women really need to wake up and recognize that God’s plan and God’s vision for marriage is a husband and wife living together and Purity and Holiness. This produces the best type of marriage possible.
    Thanks for a wonderful post. Both my wife and I really enjoyed it.
    I included the link to my own article on the subject in case you were interested in reading it.

  4. Carolyn says:

    Well said.

    There is hope in Christ, and only in Him, for those who have walked this path of self destruction. Remember the thief on the cross. He brought his own life to a ruin, but he repented and did indeed receive salvation. The Lord’s mercies are new every morning.

  5. Carol says:

    Well said, Ingrid and Carolyn. Without Christ in their lives they won’t get it.We have a responsibility to pray for the lost who are believing the lies of the adversary whose work is to confuse and blind to the Truth..

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