Cheerful Guy

cheerful2Once in a while I treat Emily to the breakfast sandwiches she loves at a local McDonald’s. (I am making quite a confession here!) On  a school morning, if we leave by 7am, we have plenty of time to sit in the parking lot while she munches away and we talk.

There’s a middle-aged man  who works in the drive-through who is there every time on that shift. We sometimes get him on the speaker when we order and, he’s there  either in the money window or the pick-up window. Emily always notices. “Mom, he’s always so cheerful.” He is. He  comes across always as professional, courteous and warm sounding. That is a rare thing in the service industry. So he stood out, even to my young daughter.

Today was one of our drive-through mornings and there he was.  As I took the bag, I told him my daughter calls him “the cheerful guy.” His face broke out in a huge smile. “Well, thank you, that means a lot!” he said.

People like him stand out, because there’s anger everywhere right now, and it’s catching. I feel it catching hold of me thanks to the constant drum beat of terrible things that frankly, we can do little about.  Yes, we are in bad times as a country, but that’s why when you find a cheerful person in your small part of the world, or somebody who smiles when they don’t have to,  who treats you kindly, they shine like a bright light.

It isn’t easy to be cheerful. I think of the man in the drive-through and having to deal with the public all the time. People can be really ugly. Really ugly. But he somehow manages to come across as cheerful anyway.

Here’s to all the cheerful guys and gals who do their best at their jobs, whatever they may be, and treat others well. Whatever your employment, caring about excellence and caring about people is an awesome and rare trait to have. You are a blessing, and you are noticed!

(As a P.S.,  letting people know that you appreciate their cheerfulness may brighten their day. You just never know!)

“A joyful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.” Proverbs 17:22

6 thoughts on “Cheerful Guy

  1. Jeanne Kotiadis says:

    It’s good to be known as a Christian who is cheerful. I wonder if you ask that gentleman what makes him smile…it might be an opportunity for Christ? ‘grandma’ Jeanne


  2. Wallace says:

    Too many people are so into themselves that they view others as servants today. I work a customer service job some evenings and find it too common for people to just be horribly rude & even histrionic. It’s as though they’ve learned that throwing a tantrum is the way to get what you want. I’ve had to stop people’s drama to explain that I was AGREEING with their point of view and seeking to correct the issue at hand. No drama necessary. I’ve lived through kindergarten once, it would be nice to work & socialize with those like your “Cheerful Guy”. Viva Cheerful Guy…

  3. biggardenblog says:

    [J] Don’t you just love it when someone says ‘what have you got to be so cheerful about?’ Answer: ‘I’ve got nothing to be NOT cheerful about!’

  4. Beverley says:

    “… letting people know that you appreciate their cheerfulness may brighten their day. You just never know!” So very true.
    I can remember as a young gal new to a customer service job in the local bank. I was considered a pleasant gal and really went out of my way to please the customer. One particular morning I had three extremely rude customers in a row … For some strange reason those three broke me. I looked across at my supervisor, put up my CLOSED sign and said, “I need some time.” She understood. Five minutes later, I was back serving again. What made all the difference was having such a wonderful supervisor and co-workers. We supported and empathized with each other and yes, encouraged each other. Oh, and of course the pleasant customers were gems. Especially some who would profusely Thank you for “all the help.” 🙂

  5. Kris says:

    Amen to that! It’s always easy to point out the negativity in a person, but because it is rare to get a person with a cheerful personality is when we take note. We always try to convey to a
    manager or someone in charge how much we appreciate that person by letting them know.
    A compliment these days can certainly go far. Thanks for that post…

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