Stop Enabling Bad Churches

Over the years, I’ve noted that not enough has been written on the topic of Bad Church Enablers. Much is available on enablers of dysfunctional and abusive people in family relationships, but not so much has been written about those who enable and support churches that have an established pattern of injuring church members–not the shiny people, but the little people who always end up getting hurt. There is a time to pray and stay. There’s also a time to head for the parking lot one last time and hit the gas without looking back.

If your church’s inner workings have more in common with an organized crime family, with circles of secrecy, political maneuvering as a matter of practice, free speech crackdowns driven by paranoia and so on, it just may be time to find the exit sign. If the ongoing climate at your church is a foretaste of hell with defrauding, injustice,  lying,  backstabbing, betrayal and eternal conflict, what in the world is the point? Do you seriously think God is going to allow any of that into heaven? Seek peace, and if you can’t find that in a Christian church, of all places, than head for the door.

Those who stay and keep these temples of doom afloat are part of the problem. You pave the way for others to be injured by staying and supporting a  church that refuses to address sin in a biblical manner. They never get away with it, and the conflict always follows the corruption. Always. Sin’s cancer grows and metastasizes in these places. It gets in the spiritual lymph system and ultimately kills whatever good there is.

Corrupt churches are the hallmark of our bleak times, and leadership policy and practice not based in the Scriptures quickly creates a spiritual destruction machine that takes in Christ’s sheep at one end and spits out their bleeding remains from the other. That is not too extreme a picture. Bullies, frauds, the entitled, the power hungry and their self-serving followers would soon find themselves with a much reduced ability to harm others if the good people, God’s true people, removed themselves from the seats and drove away once and for all.



7 thoughts on “Stop Enabling Bad Churches

  1. Sandy Whistler says:

    How true! I never cease to be amazed at how many people who should know better
    support these wolves.
    God has blessed us with a wonderful small, multi ethnic, Bible teaching church where we
    feel like real brothers and sisters, but it took a lot of searching through the prevailing wolf led
    fakes to find the real church.
    Thank you Ingrid, Sandy Whistler

  2. Mike says:

    But remember how much pressure Christians are under to make everything look victorious and successful. Being the whistleblower that destroys the myth is isolating and costly and can make you the object of hate if you show the reality that Christian life isn’t all sunshine and flowers, and that sometimes people in churches behave badly. Better to conform to the powers that call the shots and keep your personal comforts.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for being a truth-teller! I couldn’t agree more! Our family has suffered immensely from the toxicity of bad churches. There are more wolves in bad churches than there are sheep, at least church leadership is dominated by ruthless, dominating wolves who devour the sheep. If you call the wolves out on their abuse, they launch a full scale attack to destroy you and your family and they get away with it! Thank you for exposing this very real evil reigning in many churches today.

  4. Denise says:

    The fleshly desire to be in the “inner circle” is a strong motivator for enablers. Members turn a blind eye to to abuse when their egos are being stroked. Those who don’t walk the line are seen as unfaithful. It’s diabolical to use people’s faith against them.

  5. Nancy says:

    Since moving south to a large city a year ago I have been in 5 different churches and its shocking to see the compromise among the so called christians, and to me the rock music drives me out among other things. I delight in staying home and reading my KJB all day Sunday along with prayer and resting in the the lord.

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