He Gathered the Pieces

Twenty-one years ago, I was getting ready to marry Tom (on the 30th!) . Our lives have taken many twists and turns with six children, many joys and some big losses. The simplest way to express what my husband has meant to me is found in these words below. For some reason I will never understand, Tom valued my “scattered pieces”, and he picked them up, more than once, and glued them back together. I owe the man my life.  I carry a photo of Tom in my wallet and every time I buy groceries or need ID, I see his face, and I am thankful for him. Every day that goes by, I see God’s kindness to me in providing this man, who loved me when other people in my life that I loved  just walked away. Thank you, Tom, for loving the broken pieces like Jesus.


4 thoughts on “He Gathered the Pieces

  1. VanPastorMan says:

    Ingrid, I know exactly what you mean in that our spouses know us like no other and they love us like no other. Next month my wife and I will celebrate 29 yrs of marriage. After Jesus she is the most precious person in my life. Thank you for your thoughts.

  2. Carol says:

    Ingrid, Your life story is a testimony to the Lord’s Grace and Love. Blessed Anniversary to you and Tom.

  3. biggardenblog says:

    [J] I wonder if D would say something as nice about that about me? I’ll ask her. ….. Hmmph! she says. After nearly 40yrs I know that means : Yes, you daft [deleted]!

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