Bonnets for Babies

bonnetFor some reason, most retailers don’t carry baby bonnets anymore. When Emily was a baby, I wanted to find some, but looked without success. Stores had hats for infants, but not bonnets. I did a search, was happy to find a place online that made beautiful bonnets that were not very expensive, and I bought several. They have them in larger sizes as well. My daughter-in-law asked me where I had gotten them, as little Gianna, my granddaughter, has outgrown the little ones from Em,  and she isn’t quite big enough for the larger ones.

If you are a mother or grandmother who likes babies in bonnets, you will love these at Comfykids. The trouble is making up your mind, they are all so sweet! Rosebuds, and eyelet and ribbons…ah!

Here’s Emmy in her bonnet what seems like yesterday. She’ll be seven-years-old soon. It’s hard to believe!


One thought on “Bonnets for Babies

  1. Beverley says:

    It was difficult to find bonnets even 30 yrs ago! Not only are they adorable but they are practical. For young babes ‘the bonnet’ stays on and shades the face quite nicely. Some articles from the past just can’t be replaced! Thank you for posting and providing the link. And you are absolutely right, Ingrid. Very difficult to decide which bonnet NOT to purchase. 🙂

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