Warning: Kellogs Now Adding Peanut Flour Across Product Lines

A few weeks ago, I posted a warning regarding peppercorns being used in some restaurants that were from the tree nut family, something that directly endangers those with tree nut allergies, and something nobody would think to ask about.

Today, the site I subscribe to regarding food allergies has a warning regarding the decision by the Kellog’s company to add peanut flour across product lines. This announcement was quietly made on their website, something that will likely be entirely missed by many consumers. Even the smallest amount of peanut product can cost someone their life if they suffer from an allergy – something increasingly common. We have two in our family who will die if they consume peanut products unaware, it’s that serious.

This article here contains the warning, and this additional article sheds light on why they are doing it. This is irresponsible of the Kellog’s company at a time when peanut allergies are on the rise. To make a change that endangers the lives of customers and not make a loud public announcement is a slap in the face to all of us who have trusted these companies. (A bad idea, I guess.)

Please share this as widely as possible for the safety of anyone who has a life-threatening peanut allergy. Perpetual vigilance is needed to protect them. If you want updates on product safety and food allergies, sign up at SnackSafely.com and subscribe to their page if  you are on Facebook. That is where I saw the needed warning. I’m grateful to know it.  Kellog’s has lost our family’s business.