Thanks to my Mother, Freda Eliason

As mothers we are faced with all kinds of circumstances in raising our children. There are stresses and challenges that nobody else may see. The burden of caring for another human being or multiple other human beings, in all areas of need is difficult to express. Yet love carries us through. We don’t see it as some terrible weight we have to carry. It’s our child, those are our children. Our happiness is tied up with their well-being. You can’t separate the two things.

I remember realizing this when my firstborn son, Charlie, became sick over and over again his first winter from a stomach virus he was contracting in the church nursery. (I didn’t make the connection as quickly as I should have!) Until Charlie was well, my world came to a total standstill. As a young mother, I rejoiced over every bottle he took, every spoonful he ate when he was sick. Life stopped being about me completely. When he was hospitalized with the illness, I was literally sick with worry. This other life, this sweet boy, was all that mattered to me.

This Mother’s Day, I remember the sacrifices of my own dear mother in caring for me and my brother and sister. Without the sacrifices and incredible labor of this woman, the ministry of VCY America would never have been possible. Most have no idea what Mom went through to both raise three children and bring her own constant service to the ministry her husband began. She served above and beyond the call of duty. Largely unrecognized and un-thanked, God has seen all that she has done and why. The reward for her faithfulness will be great.

So thank you, Mom, for everything. Everything I know about loving my children has come through the hands and heart of my mother. Most of all, she has pointed us Godward from the time we were very young.

Two weeks after my dad died in December, Mom underwent triple bypass surgery and has been recovering since. All of us pray for her continued strength and for the joy and love she has given all of us to be returned to her.

Happy Mother’s Day to all moms out there, and to those who have recently lost a mother, may her memory be a blessing to you.


5 thoughts on “Thanks to my Mother, Freda Eliason

  1. Kris says:

    Thanks to my mom for showing and teaching my brother and I God’s Word. Would hate to
    think of where I’d be today without that teaching. Happy Mother’s Day to all…

  2. Beverley says:

    This is a beautiful tribute to mothers.
    And Ingrid, I’ve been thinking of your mother quite often in the past few weeks and wondering how she has been? Praying as you have shared that she be blessed for her Christ-honouring labor of love to all. ❤

  3. Chris says:

    Guess what, Ingrid? Our family piled into a camper once a year for a few weeks and would travel mostly to see relatives. One year, we met some relatives at this same location and had a wonderful time. If it weren’t for my Mom and my Aunt, the trips we took back then would have been disastrous.

    Our Moms sound similar. During the Easter break, that’s what Spring break was called back then, my Mom would invite any child to our house to hear the Easter story. The main craft was gluing rocks together with three empty crosses also glued on the rocks. I still have a picture of one of those “Bible schools” mostly done on our front lawn. There were probably 50 kids there. I never did hear anyone criticize my Mom for this. There may have been some “Bible thumper” remarks but I never heard them.

    My Mom was a church choir director for 50 years. She sang at multiple funerals and performed many solos in church. She directed many cantatas. She is a servant of the Most High. Today she struggles with pain as many in their 80s do. I am fortunate to live close enough to her that my sister and I can check on her regularly.

    Years after those Easter Bible studies, my mom received a phone call. A boy who had been at one of my mom’s Easter story events had just died. He fell off of the mound while throwing a pitch in a baseball game and was pronounced dead of heart failure. He had a major heart problem that had never been detected.

    The phone call came from the parents of the boy who wanted to meet with my Mom. They were not church goers and the only thing that seemed to give them some peace was the little Bible that the boy still had from one of those Easter events. My Mom gladly met with the couple. I have no idea what was discussed, but I know my Mom and I know she was used of God in that instance.

    We are blessed to have Moms like ours. This post has inspired me to put these words on my blog later today.

    Thank you, Ingrid.

  4. Dorothy PLANTZ says:

    Wonderful tribute, Ingrid! I didn’t know your mom had bypass surgery – will pray for her recovery. Happy Mothers’ Day to you both 🙂

  5. biggardenblog says:

    Thanks Ingrid. I didn’t appreciate my mum properly until she was no longer with us. There’s so much so easily taken for granted: not just the practical care, or indeed the concern and encouragement, but the values. Above all else, I feel sure, her values!

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