Warning about Hidden Nut Allergens

epiFor those who have or have family members with tree nut allergies, I came across this post today, and wanted to share it. It could save someone’s life. Our son has a nut allergy that is very serious, and I know how careful we have had to be about ingredients. The mother in this blog post warns of peppercorns and how  some can trigger a tree nut reaction in those afflicted. Parents or individuals think to check ingredients, but would never stop to ask about this. You can read the post here.

4 thoughts on “Warning about Hidden Nut Allergens

  1. Pam says:

    Ingrid, thank you for posting this! One of our sons has a severe tree nut allergy, and I had not read this anywhere else. This is potentially life-saving information for those of us living with or caring for someone with a nut allergy. Thank you!

  2. Ingrid says:

    Glad to find it myself today! Our son has a peanut allergy, and it’s a constant source of concern (even though he’s in college) for us. A dorm student walked in with a peanut candy bar. Even though there are signs up, kids forget or ignore. I pray for some kind of cure in the near future. Exciting things happening in the field of immunology that show they are making headway in desensitizing these patients to the nuts. Godspeed, doctors!

  3. Lori says:

    Thank you, Ingrid. My daughter has a life-threatening peanut allergy. We’re not sure about other nuts yet, so we’ve just been avoiding all nuts. My sister was and still is very allergic to most nuts. This is something we need to be aware of, and I will forward it on to my other family members that care for my daughter from time to time. It’s so nice to have family that “get it” and understand what food allergies are all about.

  4. Ingrid says:

    Hi Lori, our son also avoids all nuts just to be safe. A relative had a reaction after eating nuts she thought were on the “safe” list. Turns out these tree nuts came in contact with peanuts in processing at the same plant. Better to be safe and avoid all than to have that kind of cross contamination!

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