Troopers Rescue a Birthday

Nothing hurts worse as a parent than to see your child hurt, whatever age they are.

watchingI wrote a post several years ago about how one of our sons invited some friends from school for a Christmas party. He’d never had a party of any kind, so we laid out some plans for what to eat, and I got the house ready, finished up our holiday decorating and ordered food from the BBQ place. The day before the party,  he came home looking dejected and announced that all the kids but one had canceled, so the party was off. He had gotten up the courage to do  it, kids had committed and then dropped out, one by one.

He emailed the one friend still planning to come to tell him it was off, but his friend said, bless his heart, “Hang on, wait, don’t cancel!” He got several others to come with him, and the party was saved. The kids had a great time, and our son will always have that memory of the get together. I was so grateful that all was not spoiled, thanks to the kindness of one boy.

A little guy, aged 10, in Arkansas had a birthday party planned by his mother, and 21 kids were invited. The excitement over things like this is off the charts for children that age. But the few who said they would come never showed that day. Just thinking of the child watching  and hoping, only to be disappointed, brings me to tears.

Then some state troopers heard about it, showed up a few days later and gave this little boy a birthday to remember! Here’s the story.

Thank you, kind troopers, for taking time out from your work to do this for a child. This is America at its best, and humanity at its finest. How we need more people like this to show kindness. It can have an impact that lasts a lifetime.

5 thoughts on “Troopers Rescue a Birthday

  1. Denise says:

    Beautiful stories of memorable birthdays! A little kindness can surely turn things around. Thanks for sharing these!

  2. Beverley says:

    What a precious act of kindness. You’re right, Ingrid. The impact will last a lifetime.

  3. Eckstrom, David says:

    This happened to me where no one showed up for my party. I felt so bad and hurt. It forces you to look inward at why someone would not find you interesting enough to show up. It also give you the insight from that pain to help others. I do not want them to experience that hurt. I am retiring and tried to keep it a secret but it got out. I am the only man in our department so have always kept my distance so to speak. That long ago no show party has been filling my thoughts.

  4. Ingrid says:

    David, your comment really sums it up poignantly. I hope you are shown appreciation at your retirement! I felt like an outsider in middle and high school, and remember that feeling of not being wanted. Yes, you do ask yourself, what is wrong with me that nobody wants me at their lunch table? I must be seriously flawed. That’s why when I see kindness like this, it really is worth mentioning. A no show party turned into a memorable positive for that child. I want to be always sensitive to see chances like this to step up and help.

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