*Updated* Millstone Chronicles: C.J. Mahaney to Speak at 2016 T4G Conference, Sparking Protests


*Final Update* “If those identified as the foremost Christian authorities won’t hold the child sex abusers accountable, then those who hate Christians will do it. Again, I think of the term from the Book of Samuel that talks about the “rod of man.” If the Church won’t do what it should, get ready for secular society to shame the Church as they do it. While it’s sad, I’m grateful to see someone stand up for and defend victims.”  ~  Cindy Milot 

Read the account of this “Christian” conference and their fawning over C.J. Mahaney at the Daily Beast. Cindy is 100 percent correct. Clean house, churches, or the world will do it for you.


*UPDATE* Todd Pruitt of the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals has written an excellent article on this issue, calling on the organizers of this conference to remove Mahaney from the speakers line-up. Thank you, Mr. Pruitt, for voicing the concerns of so many. Mahaney should never have been invited to participate in the first place. Here is Todd’s piece.


Please note that the Together for the Gospel (as they call it) conference is being picketed over the stubborn inclusion of C.J. Mahaney and his odious denomination, the misnamed Sovereign Grace Ministries. The sex abuse cover-up is a festering sore that has yet to be cleaned out. Their allowing Mahaney’s participation is a slap in the face of the sex abuse victims, and the Big Names of Note add their participation without the slightest qualms, apparently. The lives ruined by the sex abuse – abuse that took place on Mahaney’s sorry watch – matter. God’s statute of limitations does not expire, FYI.

It’s appropriate that “Protest” (as in Protest-ant) is the theme of this conference. Time for real protests.  Here is their website promoting their latest (and perpetual) tiresome conferencing.  Here you see the promotional mugshot of none other than C.J. Mahaney, ready to speak with all the good ole boys. Shame, shame on all of you.

Picket info here and contact info for those responsible for this shameful debacle. Like you Big Guys need yet another  conference for mutual back scratching and selfie taking. Repent and do right by the victims, and stop using God’s name in vain.

11 thoughts on “*Updated* Millstone Chronicles: C.J. Mahaney to Speak at 2016 T4G Conference, Sparking Protests

  1. Michelle says:

    Amen! I agree wholeheartedly with everything you say in this post. Thank you for standing for the truth.

  2. Melody says:

    Thank you for this post. This conference as it stands is inherently divisive. Many believers not in the know of the full force of events will be taken in by unethical faux leaders. Others will have to separate entirely from T4G if nothing changes very soon. These people have nothing to teach me on basis of Psalm 101. This is the most spiritually abusive action I’ve ever seen on such a large scale. Truly horrific.

  3. Ingrid says:

    There is absolutely no excuse for men like John MacArthur to agree to speak with CJ. The enablers of these men need to be held accountable. I have seen this so many times. Without enablers, men like CJ would be isolated to deal with his own sin. Instead, they are propped up by those who think they are too big to fail. Meanwhile, the victims limp off, faith shattered, lives shattered, mattering to nobody but a handful of those who get it.

  4. Carolyn says:

    Where is the concern in the church for those who were abused? Furthermore, why is it that only a few women seem to care that this is happening?

  5. Ingrid says:

    Exactly! My husband was talking about this last night and said how disgusted he was at the eternal “conferences” going on, while issues like this get swept under the red carpet (celebrities, dontcha know?) Dr. John MacArthur has surely had enough conferences to last several lifetimes, every book contract any author could ever want for several lifetimes, every accolade, every opportunity for international exposure. Why in the world would man like MacArthur choose to participate in a divisive event like this with Mahaney who has had controversy swirling around him for years, and not just from the child sex abuse cover-up lawsuits?

    This is why I follow nobody anymore. I don’t even have a favorite author. Every ministry I know of seems to be built on the broken lives of little people who have no voice, and that is repugnant to me. As a person who has also been discarded like trash by a “ministry”, I know what that is like, and my heart goes out to the victims of the Sovereign Grace Ministry abuse. Not that it probably matters.

  6. Carolyn says:


    My husband and I would be in agreement with you and Tom about the non stop barrage of conferences, while the weightier matters of justice, mercy, and faithfulness are neglected in the church. We’re pretty fed up with much of what we’ve seen both nationally (in the limelight), and even in our area, as well. Micah 6:8

  7. Donna D says:

    “…..latest (and perpetual) tiresome conferencing. ” Tiresome is right. Seems today it’s all about getting a name, speaking fees, book contracts, Tweeting, re-Tweeting Tweets, & Facebooking with these guys and the few gals. Where is the time to pastor the flock? And victims of sexual abuse? With these myopic folks, it’s a non-starter. But one day the rug will be pulled back on these folks.

  8. Ingrid says:

    Donna, you nailed it about social media. Maybe no other single platform for visibility has given us a clearer idea of the hearts of these big names than that (and anyone’s heart for that matter.) I remember so clearly a few years ago when a big name with a national radio show was on FB posting a mugshot of some guy arrested for something. The man had horrible teeth. This was supposed to be amusing to all of his thousands of FB followers. When a couple of us raised the issue of mocking the guy for his appearance not being a Christian thing, we were descended upon and his followers mocked us because we were women, primarily, and our concerns were laughed at. Bear in mind, this wasn’t a college student, high school student, middle-schooler, this was a grown man in leadership at one of the biggest broadcast ministries in the country. This kind of behavior is the norm with the big names. One big shot guy referred to prominent Christian female talk radio host as having her “hair on fire” after she shared serious concerns on an issue on her radio show. Childish insults, misogynistic put downs, this is normal behavior for the Big Reformed Guys. It’s no wonder ministries are rotting from the inside. Nobody has time for prayer, time for Christian love. They do have a really kick-rear tweet coming on though, watch their Twitter feed…

  9. Robert says:

    Most of these TV/radio ministries become entities unto themselves, crowding out Christ.

  10. Melody says:

    “In repentance and rest is your salvation, in quietness and trust is your strength, but you would have none of it.”

  11. Carolyn says:

    I am quite thankful to Todd Pruitt for standing up as he did. It was encouraging to hear a man speak truth into this disgraceful situation. Furthermore, Todd and the other believers at the Mortification of Spin podcast also addressed the issue of “abusive pulpits” on April 20. They did a fantastic job. While their voices were unfortunately a rare find in the evangelical world’s otherwise lackluster response to this shameful situation, they have been refreshingly welcome to this saint. Thank you Todd, Carl, and Aimee.

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