A Beautiful Morning

SunriseIt’s 6:15am  and having been awake for an hour already, I shuffle back to the bedroom to make the bed. Tom is somewhere zooming down the interstate to work already. It looks like sunshine today according to the forecast.

I pull up the bedding on one side and make my way to the other side. Suddenly,  the comforter is thrown back, startling me. A small, rosy face appears and a girly laugh rings out.

“Surprised you, didn’t I?”

It’s Emmy, my early bird, up already on this Monday school morning. She’s all warm and sweet in her pink penguin nightgown, hair in frowzled disarray.

Our early rising buys us time to  play a bit. We discuss and experiment to find out which toe is most ticklish, which, of course, leads to lots of giggling. Em then talks about her bike and how excited she is to practice after school, so she can ride with her daddy on the bike trail near our house.

Emmy retrieves her navy school tights from the drawer to get dressed and laments the discovery of a small hole in one foot. “It’ll do for today, but who knows what it’ll look like tonight,” she says, rolling her eyes dramatically. For some reason, that makes us both laugh.

Face washed and her hair affixed with a bright pink clip,  we go to see about breakfast. She has recently discovered the delicacy of toast sprinkled with cinnamon sugar, so I assure her that is on the menu.

An egg goes into the pan, a jumbo one, and she comments on the enormous hen that must have laid the egg. She eats a banana and drinks orange juice from a pink straw. Then the much anticipated cinnamon toast.

“This is very RICH,” she says, licking the sweetness from her lips.

She tells me they are learning a song in choir called, “Whistle a Happy Tune” and sings a few snatches for me. She says that she isn’t sure when they’re singing it but promises to tell me when they let her know.

She asks if she could have spaghetti and meatballs in a thermos today instead of a sandwich. I remember we have a can of such and agree that it sounds like a good Monday lunch. Preparations are made.

On this third day of spring, I note that the sun is already coming through my kitchen windows that face to the east.   There’s a feeling of hope in the air. Thanks to my new hearing aids, I hear the birds twittering in the towering pine out the window. They feel it, too.

We head out the door, and it is determined that Em has too much to carry into school by herself today, so I promise to come in with her to carry her heavy backpack. For some reason, this makes her very happy.

We are the first to arrive as we often are.  Both of us are early birds today. Inside the classroom, she shows me her desk which has been moved, I am told. I admire it all and help her get her things hung up.

Finally, I tell her good-bye and start for the door, but she runs and throws her arms around me. My little girl and late in life project, my unexpected blessing and head lifter.  As I leave, one of her friends comes down the hall all smiles. I feel a rush of gratitude for the little Christian school she attends and the excellent people who make the environment such a positive place to learn.

The chilly, fresh air hits my face as I make my way back to the car.

What a beautiful morning, I think. A beautiful, lovely morning.

And I am thankful to God for it.





8 thoughts on “A Beautiful Morning

  1. Ingrid says:

    I wanted to add a little P.S. to this. I live with a chronic pain syndrome that often makes mornings a struggle. I was diagnosed 17 years ago with the illness and lived with it before that. I was always a morning person in childhood and high school. My mother used to say my doing my homework on a typewriter at 5am would wake her up! But pain and severe headaches that last for five days at times change things in the morning. Good days, bad days. These kind of good mornings are rare for me, and that is why they stand out. I share this so that nobody thinks I am making myself look like a super mom. These beautiful mornings are a special gift for me and for each one, I am grateful!

  2. Kris says:

    What a great way to start my day Ing. Your beautiful morning made mine beautiful too.
    Thanks for sharing. Have a blessed week. See you soon…

  3. anne k says:

    This was a day brightener for me this morning. I am not a morning person but had to go out for lab work and your account of Em’s morning was the first thing I read on arising. Em is such a happy child and fortunate to have a secure home environment in which to thrive. Always enjoy the glimpses you share with your readers.

  4. healinginhim says:

    I’m reading this “late in the day” but it has blessed me as I prepare for bed.
    Whispering a prayer for the blessings from this article. ❤

  5. grandma121400 says:

    Oh Ingrid, thank you for sharing. I never knew about your illness. Thankful for the morning our Lord gave you with Emily. I will be praying for you

  6. Ingrid says:

    Thank you for that. I don’t talk about it much. I don’t like being defined by a physical condition/illness. People then think of that instead of thinking of anything else when they think of you! But sometimes I mention it to help others. The joys I describe on here are in spite of and in the midst of muscle pain and exhaustion and all the rest. It makes it even more valuable to me.

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