He Came Running

Emmy took a tumble down the stairs yesterday. She was more scared than hurt. But she cried for a while.

“Why did you come running so fast, Daddy?” she asked.

“To see if you were hurt,” he answered.

At six, Emmy is getting big. But her dad picked her up from the bottom of the stairs, and she sat on his lap for a while.

She is blessed with this dad of hers. Many don’t have a dad to come running. Some dads don’t care, and the worst willingly inflict pain on their kids.

Watching Tom with the kids is a study in how much fathers can mean in the lives of their children.  Will is 19, but calls frequently to talk with his dad. I can hear them in conversation, laughing, talking about everything going on, big and small, sports, politics, music, plans. Will has many friends, but his best male friend is his dad. He doesn’t have to say it, I see it in how the two relate, especially since Will has reached young adulthood.

Dads don’t realize what a powerful thing it is to be there,  just taking a call or making a call. It’s only a conversation. Nothing much. But those times color the entire life of the child they take time for.   These fathers give a lifelong blessing to their kids. What a gift — to know they were wanted by their father. To know that whatever else happens in their lives, they had a dad who loved them.

That when they were hurt, he came running.


6 thoughts on “He Came Running

  1. Kim Nash says:

    ❤ This made me cry. My daddy was a surgeon and was gone a lot, but he always showed up when we needed him. Every summer he took us up north for several weeks of fishing and swimming at the lake. A great memory was being in our hammocks on a hot afternoon under the trees and knowing he was all there for us. The lack of technology back then was a plus. A lot of parents are there but not here thanks to smart phones. Love this post. Thanks Ing.

  2. Ingrid says:

    Thanks, KB. I still call you KB in my head, LOL. I’ll switch over to KN. Love you. Thanks for coming over here still, LOL. I forget myself. 😉

  3. Bethany L. says:

    Your children are blessed, as are mine, with the dad they have. Very thankful for the good men who know how to be faithful husbands and great dads.

  4. Jan Cox says:

    42 years of marriage, 4 children, 10 grandchildren and my Daniel still “runs” when any one of them have a need. At times material, most often spiritual. So thankful for my husband who spends so many hours in daily prayer for his family and others. Emmy is blessed as are all of your other children

  5. Carol says:

    Beautiful blessing to have that in your family. For those who did not have a dad growing up it is good to know that then, as well as now, we have a heavenly Father who cared and cares still when we are hurt or scared and He will never leave us or forsake us.

  6. Tama says:

    Very touching! Thank you, dear Ingrid! Thank You, LORD, for Daddys and for being my Daddy! You are Good!

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