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eldercareI want to tell you about a beautiful blog published by a friend of mine. My post yesterday about the compassionate nurse at the hospice is related to this. Everlasting Place is a blog specifically about the elderly, an age demographic that doesn’t get much attention in the blog world. They don’t get much attention at all, as a matter of fact.

Our elders deserve so much more than they receive. Kitty’s blog is a wonderful place, as the author is involved in an ongoing basis with ministry to elders in nursing homes. She has seen their needs and has heard the stories of their lives.

Please visit Everlasting Place and read what my friend has to say.  As a side note, I interviewed Kitty  Foth-Regner several years ago  on the radio show I hosted about her book, published by Thomas Nelson, entitled Heaven Without Her which details her journey from atheist to Christ.  You can read about the book here. It has had many excellent reviews. Her story is an amazing account of God’s work in bringing someone to salvation in Him.

4 thoughts on “Visit Everlasting Place: A Blog About the Elderly

  1. Kris says:

    What we all forget is the fact that we can not stop time. Before you know it, years pass and
    you’re older. In some facets of life, I’m considered a “senior” now. I hold a very high regard
    for the elderly. What they have seen, heard, and experienced in their lifetime can never be replaced.
    P.S. Loved the singing nurse…

  2. Beverley says:

    Ingrid, Thank you for the link. I can remember listening to several interviews with Kitty Foth-Regner and then eventually buying her book. I had lost track of her and didn’t know she had a blog.
    I agree with Kris’ comments on being a “senior” and the elderly. For the past several years I have been assisting those even more elderly than me!!
    I don’t necessarily fear growing old but I often wonder whether “family” will care about me as still being a “person of any value”?
    What keeps me grounded is I know who I am “in Christ”.
    Kitty’s testimony is inspiring about God’s work of salvation.

  3. Denise says:

    Thanks for sharing this link, Ingrid. In my younger years, it seemed like a burden to sit with my ailing father, who was 54 years older than me. I regret not cherishing my time with him, as it was so short. Many years later, as my mother and mother-in-law neared eternity, we were blessed to rediscover each other as friends, and family drama disappeared. My husband’s stepmother is nearing 90 and lives in her own home, and we look forward to each visit with her. When I get noble thoughts about how I’m going to minister to them, I come away feeling humbled and a little selfish because they have ministered to me!

  4. Ingrid says:

    Thank you for the good comments, everyone. Will had a piano recital at a retirement home, and one of the residents sat down next to me and afterwards, she told me about her life. She had worked in downtown Milwaukee at a law firm as a legal assistant for many years, and on weekends, taught piano lessons out of her home. She made several great comments about the pieces Will had played and said she had studied at the Wisconsin Conservatory as a girl, taking the streetcar there. It was an interesting glimpse into her life and into the life of our city. I could have listened to her for a lot longer than the time we had. That’s the foolishness of ignoring and dismissing the elderly. There’s a world of experiences and living in these people who often have nobody to talk to, and what riches the young miss in not hearing them. I’m about to publish something about another such woman I met as a teenager and the impact she had. But I won’t give it away just yet!

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