Car Seats (and Kids) Forever!

I had a sense of deja vu today. I looked back in my van and saw three car seats. Every time Tom and I think we are done with vans and car seats, we find out we’re not done at all! Wasn’t it just yesterday that my first two, Charlie and Sammy, were riding around in the back of my  little Escort wagon while we sang “Wheels on the Bus”? Then Will came and then Mary and then Emily and now Peter and Max and soon, a little granddaughter will join her big brothers.

Peter and Max had fun at my house today. I had given them eggs, sausage and a bit of hashbrowns to eat, but I saw them eyeing up my pancakes I was buttering. Long story short, I ended up with a few bites of pancake, and they put away the rest!


6 thoughts on “Car Seats (and Kids) Forever!

  1. Mary says:

    I have 6 grand babies. I became a grandma at 41. My grand babies are like my own.. Yet I can take them home😉. I have been sofa/ house bound these past three weeks due to foot surgery. I was feeling really blue today ( which is not me). My son came over unannounced with my sweet grandchild ” Jojo” she is two and we love each other… Long story short, my blues disappeared… God is so good inventing grand children! He knew we needed them!

  2. Tom says:

    Cute guys! And thanks for getting Bud perfectly in the background!
    (You know what I mean.) : )

  3. Lenny and Chris Ruth says:

    Imagine the old carBEDS!!! How sweet those g’sons! Ours range from 22 to two; four of nineteen are by adoption, one is in Heaven.

    From the desk of Lenny and Christine Ruth

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