Our Cabin in the Woods

bearswitchTom and I have never realized our goal of renting a cabin somewhere in the woods for a vacation. Lots of kids,  the unexpected twists and turns of life, all of it have conspired in the last 20 years to keep us from our dream of a getaway to a lake cabin somewhere in peace and quiet.

So when we moved houses in August, Tom decided (and I was pleased to agree) that he’d add a cabin flavor to the new place. He decided the hall and bedrooms would be the best place to do that. We assembled all of the cabin themed wall hangings and lamps we had collected down through the years (in our wishful thinking), and Tom used them to make quite a cozy feel. We left Em’s bedroom alone, as she is into princesses and pink girly things, but little by little, a cabin feel is taking shape in the other bedrooms.

lake_vermilion_minnesotaIn my childhood, we camped on the islands of Lake Vermilion in the boundary waters of northern Minnesota. The sight of a moose or a bear was not surprising. (We came back by boat to our tents on the island to find all the trash cans spilled by bears, and one walked right into the camp when my mother was cooking on a kerosene stove once.) We also saw a black bear swimming the channel near us one day when we were in the boat. I have to say I prefer being INSIDE a cabin rather than outside with the bears, though.

Living in a town/city, you sometimes yearn for quiet in the wilderness. rugSome day we hope to take Emmy to see the “deep dark woods” as she calls it, like I did as a child. The stillness of the lake at dusk when the water looks like glass, the cry of the loon, the ducks swimming by, the sunlight filtering through the birch leaves in the morning, the scent of pine needles under your feet, warmed by the sun. These are all moments in nature not to be forgotten.

MooseBut for now, as winter in Wisconsin closes in, we are grateful for the  Schlueter cabin here, our field stone fireplace where we can burn real logs, and warm blankets at night. Some day, we are going to find a cabin in the “deep dark woods” and hear the sound of the wind in the towering pine trees through the screen as we fall to sleep.


2 thoughts on “Our Cabin in the Woods

  1. Ingrid says:

    Yes, we are! Margaret, I take your poetry books down and read them every so often. Every August, I have to read, “While Summer Stays”. That’s my favorite poem you have written! Your woodland reflections are so perfect. Thank you for that, and thank you for stopping by my small blog!

    I have set a bread to rise
    and gone with morning in my eyes
    to find a place, while summer stays
    Where goldenrod lights meadow ways.

    Where birchwood’s warm obscurity
    retreats from time, and beckons me
    to abdicate a few last days
    so haunting sweet, while summer stays

    I have set a bread to rise
    and gone with morning in my eyes.

    ~ Margaret Longenecker Been from her poetry collection, “Morning in My Eyes”

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