A Good News Photo

I had to share this photo taken by my sister, Lisa. My brother-in-law Russ Turner and their kids, Anna, Rachel, Jesse and Adam. I love the people in this photo who are stellar in every way. There is much bad news in the world today. I like to counteract it for myself with good news. This photo won’t make the news, but it makes me smile. Happy families do that for me!


One thought on “A Good News Photo

  1. Kris says:

    Anyone that doesn’t appreciate a great family photo, doesn’t appreciate life and what God
    has given to us as family. As the title of a song from a few years back goes, “All You Need
    Is Love” and that is what is pictured here. Hopefully Lisa can be on the other side of the
    camera with them next time. Great “Kodak” moment…(guess I’m dating myself.)
    Love : )

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