The Three D’s of a Strong Woman

Strong women are a study of mine. What makes them succeed, even in the face of adversity, while others fall apart? We all need to be strong in the various challenges we face.What do strong women have in common?

Earlier today, my sister, Lisa Turner, took First Place, sixth overall, in her age group at the Lake Country Half Marathon. My sister tosses off half marathons and marathons as if they were nothing. But in reality, she prepares intensively for the races. She is a coach to other runners who want training for their own races, and Lisa recently returned from a clinic operated by a former Olympian runner in Colorado who helps coaches train with excellence.

I asked Lisa after the race today what three things she would list as key practices of a successful runner that might apply to the race of life in general. She gave me these three D’s immediately:

Determination – a strong mind that has been trained to overcome ALL the negative thoughts that keep me from giving my best effort.

Discipline – the regular consistent “practice” of asking the body to do what it naturally doesn’t want to do…day after day.

Dependence – trusting the Lord for wisdom in training appropriately, for the ability to maintain determination and discipline , and ultimately, reliance on him for every breath as I run!

These points don’t need much elaboration. Determination, discipline and dependence on God are key in whatever race we run in our lives.

We live in a slovenly, morally lazy age where it’s easier to slouch our way through life, taking the easiest path, avoiding challenges of any kind and hiding when the call goes out for athletes of our Lord. We all need determination to live right in the sight of God with his help, we all need the discipline to throw off the things that hold us back and above all, we need humility to recognize our dependence on our Creator who grants us every breath we take.

Congratulations to my sister and amazing athlete, Lisa. I may not be an athlete, but I have learned much from you!

Here’s my sister in action today, running like the wind.




4 thoughts on “The Three D’s of a Strong Woman

  1. Kris says:

    Congratulations to Lisa and ALL her accomplishments. I wish I had 1/2 her energy and
    the 3 D’s. What a great example to anyone who knows, works with her, or sees her
    running. She truly has what it takes and a God given talent! Thanks for the update.
    Always an inspiration : )

  2. healingInHim says:

    “My goal is to bring glory to God by encouraging other women out there, and I find myself encouraged in the process.”
    Ingrid, I feel the same way but at this moment in time don’t have the energy or support system to even think of writing; although I have been encouraged to do so.
    You have been a great encouragement to so many. Praying you will sense the Lord’s perfect will and timing in your writing endeavour(s). I truly believe it will be a blessing to others.
    “keep running the race and finish well…” 🙂

  3. Lisa T says:

    Ingrid, I know of which “project” you speak, and truly, you need to complete it. The message is so compelling and important, it needs to be spoken – and your way of speaking it has moved me to tears each one of the several times you have asked me to read through a bit of it. I love being blessed through the awesome gift God has given you, and I know SO many others have been significantly affected by your writing. This would be yet another “venue” for that gift to minister. Please, PLEASE follow God’s prompting on this – it’s His design for you to complete it so He can use it in many hearts (including mine), I am convinced. Love you, Sis!

  4. Beverley says:

    Lisa – so glad you have included your “encouragement comment” for Ingrid. Oh, and I agree with Kris about desiring even 1/2 of your energy. Both you and Ingrid are a great inspiration … I used to run each morning but those years are far behind me.

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