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CongregationalSingingThere’s nothing so wonderful to me as standing in a congregation with good singing. I love organ and brass accompaniment, but when a congregation sings acapella, breaking off into four parts, it can be a foretaste of heaven’s music.

Late one night I discovered a YouTube channel that is produced by the Church of Christ denomination. One of their distinctives is acapella singing in parts.  On this video channel I discovered old gospel songs I hadn’t heard since childhood. If you’d like to sing along, they often sing all the verses as well, which is great. So often in (the few) churches that still sing these, they skip verses. So here you are at this link for those who like the simplicity and beauty of the human voice without other instrumentation. I hope the songs are a blessing to you.

Here’s one of my favorites.


One thought on “Simply Voices

  1. Francesca says:

    Thank you so much for this. I really miss singing the old hymns. There was a period where I actually went around town searching for a church with excellent music (not this trendy stuff we hear in most places). I found one or two, BUT their doctrine was not good. I gave up and stayed with my church which has some good music and a great pipe organ. However, it all too often resorts to a ‘worship’ band . . .hard to take for a lover of good music. Have you
    ever heard “Immortal, Invincible, God only wise” played like rock music? It is an assault on the senses.
    Thanks again for this link.

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