A Simple, Golden Act

It’s a comforting thing to have a strong hand take your weak one, to feel patience coming from your helper instead of irritation. It’s wonderful to not be afraid, and to have a heavy burden lifted and carried for you by strong arms. To the frail elderly in this world gone mad, someone to look out for you on the street and even take the time to chat a bit must be a blessing.

This story attached here went viral this week. The fact that it was so unusual that it made news shows how far down we have come as a society. But when goodness does make news, it’s worth sharing. Too often headlines about the elderly are bad news stories where they are preyed upon, abused, neglected and abandoned. But not this time.  A simple act, based on the Golden Rule of treating others as we want to be treated, made a headline. Blessings on this young man who did what was honorable.

“…there’s nothing so kingly as kindnesss…”

from Nobility, by Alice Cary


One thought on “A Simple, Golden Act

  1. healingInHIm says:

    Oh, thank you, Ingrid for sharing this. Yes, this dark, bleak world needs more Golden Acts of Kindness. “Lord, may this young man and elderly gentleman be blessed with Your love.”

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