5 thoughts on “Sunday Music Break!

  1. Kris says:

    There will never be another George Beverly Shea. When God made him,
    the mold was broken.

  2. annj49 says:

    Love this song, and his voice. Not sure about the illustrations, though! 😉

    My husband and I sang and played this one together many times.

  3. Ingrid Schlueter says:

    Lol! The banana threw me, too at the beginning. Fruit theme was slightly odd. Nice recording, though. Sometimes on YouTube you find the perfect rendition of a song and awful photos. I remember one hymn video was so great…until the person making the video decided to use a half-naked woman doing yoga poses to illustrate the Scripture being sung. I mean, seriously?

  4. annj49 says:

    Yes, I find that too, when I am looking for videos to share. Some images just don’t work for me, some just distract, some are not even appropriate. Makes you want to make one yourself, if only I knew how 😉

  5. Tom says:

    George Beverly Shea, my favorite Christian singer, always. He exuded a spirit of humility. It was never about him. It’s refreshing to hear songs where you can hear the words, clearly, and therefore, appreciate the message, with no gimmicks or effectedness. Thanks to the Lord for the many years this servant blessed us and still does.

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