Remember When…

These Easter dresses from a Sears ad are from before my time back in 1962, but they brought back nice memories of dressing up for Easter Sunday. My sister and I wore those pink foam curlers at night to have curls in the morning.  The even older ad below the first one  features dresses I wish you could still find. The feminine look in dresses of days gone by is something a lot of us miss.  Back briefly in the 80’s you could find dresses that were similar, and I had one that resembled the top red one. The good old days.


5 thoughts on “Remember When…

  1. Beverley says:

    LOL … did you say pink foam curlers?? My hair was so very straight; we tried foam, the poky bristle curlers, etc. Sigh, it lasted through Sunday morning services and then, well, GONE!
    The dresses bring back memories. Yes, many dreamy hours spent wanting to order this one or that one; times were tough but we were usually allowed at least one or two special dresses a year!

  2. Ingrid Schlueter says:

    Yes, loved having my hair curled. Eventually, mom got a curling iron which sped things up. But if you pulled the curlers straight down, it made sausage curls. I had my hair done like that in this pic. i thought I looked like I was on Little House on the Prairie. Mom made the blouse I was wearing also.

  3. Carol says:

    The picture of you and your curls is just precious, Ingrid! I remember those little girl dresses in the top ad, and I always looked forward to my cousin Janet’s hand-me-down dresses. Even though we were the same age she was always taller and a size or two ahead of me and the dresses were like getting new. And I remember on occasion riding the bus with my grandmother and we always wore the white cotton gloves when going on an outing Maybe someday you will locate a seamstress who could sew a dress like the red one. I like that one, too. And I remember the Laura Ashley dresses from the 80’s, so feminine.

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