Pause for a Smile Daily

Tom and I were watching a funny video last night about the part of Milwaukee we both know well. We got to laughing about it and related Milwaukee stereotypes and for several minutes, with Tom’s dry humor making things even funnier, Emmy just watched us in bewilderment, trying to figure out what was so funny.

It was invigorating physically and mentally to get a hearty laugh and for good reason. Laughing has health benefits. (Here’s a link about it.) In the tsunami of bad news we read and listen to, laughing is not always something we can do easily these days. I sometimes feel guilty when I do laugh. The world is in chaos, tragedies everywhere, outrages of every kind, psychos on the march with knives and bombs. The world is going to hell. How dare I sit here laughing? At least that’s the mentality I once had. Pedal to the metal, people. If you laugh, you must be a compromised Christian without a sense of the dire needs of the world. Hogwash.

I write this from a Christian perspective, and I mean this sincerely. If we honestly believe what we claim – that God is sovereign over all things, that we don’t need to live in fear, that we have a home in heaven and that we have a  friend in Christ who is always with us no matter how dark the night, we ought to have good reason for smiles and laughter.

If, however, Christians believe that we are  the ones responsible to wrestle others  away from the brink, that it’s up to us and our feverish efforts, that we must live unbalanced lives of service so that we and our families collapse from neglect and exhaustion, than don’t laugh. Don’t smile. Forward every horrible news story from Worldnetdaily and Drudge to as many friends and family as you can so that they can be urged to buy canned peas and water purification tablets. (I’m not against water purification tablets and canned peas, please, I’m making a larger point here.) Play the Grim Reaper. Go ahead. Your “faith” will be most attractive to others.

I am happy today. Not because the sun is out, it isn’t. Not because caffeine has kicked in, it hasn’t yet. But I do believe God is  ultimately in control of this planet, and that whatever time we have here is best spent modeling balanced lives for our kids and once in a while enjoying a really good laugh.  The head down on the desk, tears streaming kind of laughter. Try it.  It’s catching.

Things I laughed about yesterday.

Emmy was playing dentist and placed a doll blanket around my neck.  After examining my teeth with her flashlight, she told me to watch out for eating “raw ice cubes”, because they could make my teeth rot. She also recommended new “taco flavored” or “banana flavored” toothpastes. I’m going with the taco kind.

The Starbucks Race Together campaign’s massive backfiring has engendered a number of hilarious videos in response. One of them in particular was worth watching. You just have to see the humorous side of political correctness in this nutty culture to save your sanity.

My friends on Facebook make me smile multiple times a day. The different kinds of people on my list is a little mind-boggling at times, but make for a lot of fun each day. Who says social media friends aren’t real? They make for some real laughs, that’s for sure.

Have a wonderful day, and don’t forget to smile at least once. (I came across this old pic of Emmy in her femme du monde mode. 😉 )  Em’s a constant source of smiles. At her suggestion, we got into a bit of New Year’s Eve photo fun waiting for Tom to come home. Yes, her hat really lights up.




10 thoughts on “Pause for a Smile Daily

  1. Liz Anderson Forrester says:

    Thank you for this post! Too true. I find the news stories in social media and headlines on my email account are dragging me down. We have to step back and realize we’ve never had to have these tragedies in our faces before like this. Love your Emmy pics. LOL! She’s my day brightener on FB.

  2. Tama says:

    Amen!!! Thank you for this smile and laughter! A merry heart does do good like a medicine! Thank you for helping me remember that! And thank You, LORD for the joy that YOU have put into my heart and for laughter!!!
    Proverbs 17:22 A merry heart doeth good like a medicine: but a broken spirit drieth the bones.

  3. K. Bravo de Rueda says:

    ❤ Love it. You started off my morning right with this song. I'm happy like you because

  4. Becky-Sue says:

    Oh, such an excellent post!! Yes, the world is full of chaos and woe and what is so badly needed is friends who “are there for us and yes, can help us laugh AGAIN!” I want to return to the woman full of God’s joy who used to make others laugh 🙂 Thank you Lord for graciously providing others who are doing this for me.
    Ingrid, those photos are priceless. Wonderful. Love it!
    Amen to Proverbs 17:22 A merry heart doeth good like a medicine: but a broken spirit drieth the bones.

  5. Tom says:

    Thanks for making me smile (you always do) and laugh!
    I was there–it was a lot of fun!


  6. Dorothy M Plantz says:

    Ingrid, I am so glad you are happy! And can laugh! I am totally clueless to the family issues – I don’t believe most of what little I have found online. I emailed Vic and got no response. I was afraid you had died or something and had no idea why I wasn’t hearing you anymore on the radio. At my age, 62, the years fly by, so it seems recent to me. Anyway, I am not much of a blog follower, but so happy to hear that you are alive and well with your husband and children! I will pray to our sovereign Father Who knows all, to bless you, and all those you love. Don’t let the enemy of our souls keep you from doing all that God has for you to do. And trust Him to work in others, as well. Life can be so difficult sometimes. But we must find time to laugh and to savor all that He has given us here. And know that what is to come in Heaven with Him is even so very much better. No more tears, or misunderstandings, or sin. Only good. I can’t wait!

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