The Pipes Were Calling

Seeing all the green today on St. Patrick’s Day, I thought I’d share these pics of son Sammy some years ago. He developed an interest in Celtic music and filled the house with Irish music from CD’s he took out from the library. He was intent on playing the bagpipes, and pleaded so much that Tom bought him some very good bagpipes and I drove him to lessons at the Irish Cultural Heritage Center downtown. He joined a pipe band with his friend Bobby and had a lot of fun.

You never can tell where a child’s interests will take him. My favorite memory with Sammy is of a Celtic concert I took him to when he was about 12 at the Marcus center. I’ll never forget his excitement when the piper started playing off stage and marched in.  Sam’s eyes were shining. Whenever I hear “Danny Boy”, I remember that song being sung that night at the concert, and in my mind, the song will always be “Sammy Boy.” The pipes were certainly calling.




One thought on “The Pipes Were Calling

  1. healingInHim says:

    This is such a precious post. Our eldest daughter was keen on wanting to learn “the pipes”… many warned us that the practice time would be ruthless:-) We never pursued it and she is now a fine pianist, however, I must admit that she was always quite adept at the various tin whistles. The Lord is so gracious to give each one “a gift”. Not all are the same.

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