Tarry a Little While

I posted about the Danish painter, Carl Holsoe, a while back. Today, I wanted to share the paintings of a Swedish artist whose paintings I find very restful. I don’t know all the artistic terms to use for paintings, I know little about it other than I know what I can connect with when I see it. Like a well-written melody, there is something that draws someone in to a good painting, a human thing. These paintings of Johan Krouthen do that for me. If you click here, you can see more of his paintings which are in the public domain. Here is one of my favorites. It draws me in. When I see the sunlit bench, I think, when the sun moves and the bench has some shade, I’d like to sit there with a kindly friend and drink our coffee and talk about good things.





5 thoughts on “Tarry a Little While

  1. Rose says:

    What a peaceful haven. I would like to open that little white gate and take a walk down the little dirt road that I imagine is just beyonf it. Can almost hear the birds singing in those trees….

  2. Kris says:

    They are all beautiful paintings. There was something that really drew me into the “Sunlit Path”.
    I guess the sun shining through the pine trees. I love the old fashioned scenes. Thanks for

  3. Beverley says:

    Ingrid, Thank you for sharing the paintings of Carl Holsoe. It’s difficult to describe just how much they soothed and inspired me to thank the Lord for such beauty.

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