3 thoughts on “Thankful for Mom

  1. Janice McKenzie says:

    My sweet mom had a little Daily Bread, too, and every morning we took turns reading from it. When Dad went to Vietnam when we were in high school, I remember reading verse after verse because we were so stressed out. If my mom had lived (she died at 70 with a brain tumor), she would have been 92. I had the great honor of caring for her through her many illness (I believe brought on the horrible sexual abuse she received from her father starting at age 12 and two abusive marriages before age of 18!) And, she came from a “good” southern family. Then she met her knight in shining armour, my dad, who treated her like a queen for almost 50 years. A Baptist and dear Christian man, he didn’t get all hung up on her “sinful” previous marriages. Their generous hearts adopted me as a baby after they suffered the loss of their son at three days. They hardly had a penny in those days, but they rescued me out of foster care and what a blessed girl I was! I am 63 and my prayer is, “Lord, even though my parents are with You, would You show me every day something special they did for me and I missed it and didn’t show gratefulness.” And, it’s amazing how the Lord shows me all the sweet things my parents did for me and my two siblings that we were too self-absorbed to appreciate. And, I just praise the Lord. Your pictures are precious!

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