No Fake Jesus Wanted

The only Jesus this child will see and know is the One who shines through the lives of those around her

We can sing about the baby Jesus and get all misty eyed at carols, but it doesn’t mean squat if all we have is sentiment and rhetoric.

This child knows about Jesus based on what she experiences through the lives of those who love her. She doesn’t need fake Jesus, the one that has no more depth than the ones on the cards that we send out.

She needs the real Jesus who overcomes darkness, loves unconditionally and who forgives and heals.

Any other Jesus is a fake. Anybody professing this fake Jesus is a fraud.

Emmy knows that those who love her are there for her, no matter what. Some of her own relatives have already rejected her in her short life. But there is someone who will always be there for her.

The real Jesus.

That’s who Christmas is all about.



3 thoughts on “No Fake Jesus Wanted

  1. Lynn Plotz (@LynnPlotz) says:

    Very well put.

    Forgive us all for caring so much about what all there is to to do and how it will impress others-especially during this season. If only, through Christ’s grace, we can be prompted to glorify Him in what we do, say, think… pray. It will quite possibly be the only example of the “Real Jesus” our friends/families will experience.
    “The greatest witness to our unbelieving family is our proclamation of the gospel, adorned by our love, kindness, patience & willing service”. Paul Washer

    May the Spirit prompt to tell of His truth this Christmas-

  2. Carol says:

    Amen, Ingrid…beautiful picture and sentiment…A Blessed Christmas with His Peace that passes all understanding to you and your lovely immediate family.

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