Advent Hymn: Come, Thou Long Expected Jesus

*My apologies, when I embedded this video, I was trying to get Come, Though Long Expected Jesus, and instead got a video with a playlist of hymns, some of which are Advent, some are not. They’re all beautiful and the one I tried to post is in there if you to go the YouTube site by clicking on the video I posted.*

3 thoughts on “Advent Hymn: Come, Thou Long Expected Jesus

  1. Ingrid Schlueter says:

    Hi Diane, I will make a few good suggestions. My favorite sacred music CD’s are from St. Olaf. You can see all of their CD’s here at this website, including their Advent/Christmas ones. If you click on the various categories at he left, you can see the different ensembles, both choral and instrumental.

    If you like the English choral tradition, a very distinct sound, there are many, many to pick from like these. My children will remember growing up with many of these English Advent and Christmas hymns playing, as I had them playing in my kitchen CD player!

    Here is a link to the National Lutheran Choir, which has beautiful recordings and a big American-style choral sound. This is their Advent/Christmas CD and you can listen to samples and see if you like it.

    I also listen to Lutheran Public Radio which has 24/7 sacred choral music. This time of year they have beautiful seasonal hymns. You can get it online whenver you want it, or on your mobile devices as well. Just click on the CD icon of the current song that is playing to get it to play. Just lovely music.

    Thanks for asking!

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