5 thoughts on “A New Animal Rights Group!

  1. healingInHim says:

    Way to go Emmy! You have such a precious, tender heart; just like Mom & Dad:-) Love this photo of you and Nutkin. I would like to have a Nutkin, too.! (((Hugs to you and your family)))

  2. K. Bravo de Rueda says:

    Ingrid, your many friends are absolutely torn between laughing hysterically and crying for you that anyone would try to attach you and your family to something like a decapitated squirrel. Watching the hundreds of comments on FB in support and horror at this, all I can say is anybody who could say something in any way trying to connect you to such a thing has no concept of who you and Tom are. I’ve known you for many years and you are loved and respected by all who bother to get to know you. The real people defaming are the ones spreading this kind of thing about you or showing smear letters or saying you are “unstable.” Love and hugs. This situation has gone on way way too long. Christians? Seriously?

  3. Truthinator says:

    Amen to what K. Bravo de Rueda said and Bravo to Emily for setting up this wonderful foundation. Protect those squirrels…because people today are just nuts!!! 🙂

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