Under an Autumn Sky

leavesIn the grocery store parking lot where I was loading things into my cart I heard a voice behind me and realized I was being spoken to. A man in a wheel chair was there.

“Isn’t it a beautiful day?” he asked. He had strong muscles from wheeling his chair up the long hill to the store.

“It’s absolutely gorgeous,” I agreed. “I wish I had a way to store these days to get us through the long winter.”

He nodded, and we stood there just a few moments enjoying the fresh, cool breeze and the sun on our faces. We were two perfect strangers connecting as fellow humans, our souls drinking in the great beauty of the afternoon.

All the best rhapsodic prose about the Fall of the year has already been written many times over. But I was struck again today by the leaves changing color. Emmy and I walked along for our 3 mile walk, taking it all in.

There is something about being outside that makes Emmy think of God.

“He’s up there in the clouds,” she said solemnly as she walked along pushing her doll in her stroller.

“Who is?”

“God. Pastor told us about that in chapel,” she said firmly.

“God loves me, and I love Him,” she added. “He’s watching over me.”

We stopped to admire a maple leaf that Emmy observed was pink, not red. Bees buzzed over some droopy black-eyed susans at the corner where we turn. A neighbor waved cheerily at us as we made our way back home up the long hill.

“It’s such a lovely day, isn’t it?” Em sighed blissfully.

Beauty and truth and faith under a deep blue sky.

(Photo credit to my friend Francis MacDonald. This is a photo of his native Nova Scotia in autumn.)


3 thoughts on “Under an Autumn Sky

  1. Judi Hayes says:

    It makes sense that you’d think about the Creator when surrounded by His beautiful creation. So glad you and Emmy could enjoy it together.

  2. healingInHim says:

    This is such a precious post. I am in my late 50’s and was not truly saved until my early 20’s. I must share this…. I would have been around Emmy’s age; standing behind my parents farm house I can remember even at that young age looking at the clouds and saying, “God, I know you’re there. I want to know you.” It was not until I was saved that I reflected on that innocent faith and I surely had no one to guide me in that.
    Oh, Emmy, I pray for you and your family and the many lives you touch; to impress upon them the many blessings of the Lord whether outside or indoors:-)

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