The Most Important Trait

I think the most important trait in a man is kindness. Everything flows from that. Related to that is understanding. All the money in the world can’t buy the profound blessing of a man who understands you and doesn’t judge and dislike you for a weakness–someone who instead bolsters you up in that area instead of despising it. That’s what a good man does. They don’t crush the life and joy out of you, they give life and joy because of the way they live and show love. I am grateful to be married to a deeply kind man.



4 thoughts on “The Most Important Trait

  1. Janice McKenzie says:

    The first thing that popped into my head is that the number one trait I was looking for in a husband was kindness. My dad, until God changed him seveal years before he died, was often very unkind. Yet, he had us in church seemingly all the time. So, I resolved that whomever I married must be kind. Then I thought of Romans 2:4 where it is God’s kindness (not condemnation) that leads us to repentence. Think of the parable of the shepherd leaving the 99 and going after the poor little sheep that wandered off. When the Shepherd found the little sheep, he didn’t yell at him to repent. That little lost sheep just relaxed on the Shepherd’s shoulder and was thrilled to return to the fold. Further, this is why there is so much damage with spiritual abuse–the gracious love and kindness of the Shepherd is all but forgotten. Won’t we do just about anything for a person who is kind?

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