Walk On!

Last Valentine’s Day, Tom gave me a gift in a box. I opened it to find a pair of walking shoes that were incredibly light. They were so light that I doubted they would hold up very well. I decided to try them out.

This summer, I have made good use of my gift. I’ve been walking quite a bit. After our long, cold winter, I vowed last spring to make the summer count. So far, so good on my goal! The shoes are fantastic. You don’t need socks – they don’t have laces, GoWalkand they feel like nothing on your feet. In case anyone is interested they are called Skechers GoWalk or GoWalk2. I bought another pair I liked them so much. (This is not a paid ad!)

I walk a course in our neighborhood as many days a week as I can. Initially, I thought I was walking about a mile and a half, but after Tom checked it, it turns out that is was nearly a total of four miles I was walking. I was surprised and pleased at my efforts and after five pounds dropped off, I was even more pleased.

Walking outside has to be one of the biggest helps there is. Mental clarity, a positive mood and the better eating that follows (who wants to squander the effort by eating junk after walking?) make it a winning situation all around.

Emily has accompanied me almost every mile. She runs on ahead and then falls back to talk about everything she sees. She can identify oak trees, maples and birch trees, hydrangeas, roses, black-eyed susans and petunias, and Queen Anne’s Lace, etc. It makes the walk go faster with her commentary.

Doctors used to prescribe nature as a treatment for those who were ill or stressed. It’s coming back into fashion again according to this article at Slate.com, as well it should be. The more advanced technology we get, the more isolated and unnatural our lives become. Worse, technology can invade even walks in nature, undoing many of the advantages. I see people with ear buds in while running or walking. They’re missing an entire symphony of sounds. They are distracting their minds from appreciating even the smells and sights and fresh air which does us all good.

walkingMy only challenge is the long cold winter in this state. There’s no choice in Wisconsin about walking outside a lot of times when the temperature plummets and there is snow and ice. Mall walking or a gym membership is the only solution to keep walking. I hate walking in gyms. The laps around the track seem endless. That’s when it doesn’t hurt to have music or something in your ears as you walk along, at least when you don’t need some quiet for praying or thinking.

One way or another, I hope to keep moving. I’ve written on this before, but I once again have enjoyed the benefits of committed walking, and think that a lot of our ailments in this country could be helped or reduced if we all got out and walked it away!


(Making sure a walking plan is OK for your health is worth a check with the doctor if you have health issues.)



2 thoughts on “Walk On!

  1. Lisa Green Kentala says:

    Ingrid I also love certain styles of Sketchers. I’m definitely going to look for these. I’ve been walking a lot outside this summer too. In winter I’ve found doing indoor walking (marching) workouts while watching comcast ondemand (or you could use a dvd) a practical alternative to mall walking or an indoor gym. I can’t stand gyms, and driving to the mall to walk is time consuming and in snow and sleet not fun either! At least with home-walking workouts, you don’t have to leave the house to exercise.

  2. Duska says:

    Ingrid! I am so happy to find your wonderful blog! I listened to you on the radio for several years, and was so blessed by your wisdom and strength. After being in a spiritually abusive ministry organization, I found one of your blog posts on narcissistic leaders, which had such great insight. I am so glad to see how the Lord continues to bless you and minister to others through you. Plus….I just recently found these shoes too!!! 🙂 I bought two pair and wear them a LOT! They are terrific for my back, and I wear them while working all day at my antique shop. Blessed to find your “voice” again, Ingrid!

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