Love Affair

This season always has such an explosion of birthdays and anniversaries with several holidays thrown in that it is dizzying at times trying to keep up with it all. This year, we also have 2 high school graduations in our family!

I was thinking about my grown sons and how quickly it all went when I came across this poem that made me smile.

Love Affair

Some day he’ll think me rather silly
But now he loves me willy-nilly

There’ll come a time when his inspection
Will tell him I am not perfection

And he’ll unearth some younger cutie
Who far surpasses me in beauty.

So while I have him in my arms
I’ll make the most of all my charms

And store up memories to last
When I am dwelling in the past.

For though my hold on him is strong
He cannot stay a baby long.

~Margaret Fishback
(from Look Who’s a Mother)

No matter how much time goes by, as a mother you always hold those baby moments in your heart. I have a little keepsake for all my children in my cedar chest. But the real keepsakes are the memories.