Love Notes

loveI know the world and our nation and what calls itself “Christianity” are all in bad shape. I get that. Believe me. But that’s why appreciating the good things is so important. That’s a common theme here at the Hope Blog.

Little moments make up our lives. Lots of them. Some are tragic, some are filled with grief or anger or sadness, but the ones I want to write about are filled with the best life has to offer.

One such moment happened two nights ago. In a rare evening of free time, my husband crashed on the couch, feet up, just relaxing. He was wearing my favorite fleece shirt, because up here in Wisconsin, it’s still chilly. Emmy calls it his “huggy” shirt. That’s exactly what it is. Seeing him, I could not resist joining him, and then Emmy did.

“I want to share Daddy, too,” she said.

“Nope, He’s all mine right now,” I teasingly said.

“Mama, we need to get a Double Daddy then. Because I want to have him, too!”

Yes, we need a Double Daddy in this house, or even a Triple Daddy, as Will wants a piece of him when he gets home as well. In that little moment of family life on the couch, it was a reminder of what matters most to me.

Last night it was raining out and around dinner time, Emmy came running. “Daddy’s home! Come quick!”

So we went downstairs and at Em’s suggestion, we hid behind the door to “surprise” him. (He always expects something is coming when he gets home.)

Tom entered, tired and wet with the rain on his jacket and hair, after a day of working to provide for us. He set down his bag and Em grabbed his legs in an enthusiastic embrace. I gave my dear man a hug for a mutual recharging of batteries. Over dinner, in our small and cozy kitchen, we all heard about each others day. Just another fleeting and precious moment in our lives.

This afternoon the phone rang. It was Will calling from school. I thought something was wrong.

“I need to talk to Emmy,” said my high school senior.


“Oh, I just had some time and wanted to say hi to her.”

His four-year-old sister put him on speaker phone and a very cute conversation followed. A call from her big brother, just because. Because he loves her and she loves him. (And he knows he is leaving for college in August.)

Flowers are nice, roses are grand on special occasions, but the best of life and love is in those brief moments when heart touches heart, and the why of all the work we do in our families comes into sharper focus. Scattering those love notes throughout our days is what makes life sweet. Living it in front of our children gives them a template for their own love notes, both now and in their own homes someday.

We can change the world best by loving our families first. Without that, it’s all just noise.




4 thoughts on “Love Notes

  1. Charlie Guzman says:

    Such a true and great post! When our eyes are filled with the Light of Christ, with love for each other, and we focus on what is good and pure, darkness has no power over us nor our hearts.

  2. Truthinator says:

    Reblogged this on Truthinator's Blog and commented:
    This is a fantastic article about what is really important from the perspective of a Christian woman. Check out the Hope Blog if you have not already.

  3. Rose says:

    Wonderful post, Ingrid. The love in a family…one of God’s greatest and best blessings.

  4. Lori Glass says:

    Cute post. Love Emmy’s Double Daddy comment. If I had a big brother I would want one like Will.

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