A Package of Love

Why is it that humans are prone to focus on what we don’t have rather than seeing all the love around us that God has provided? I don’t know, but I was reminded again yesterday of how wrong that is. We came home from getting Will from school to find a box on our porch from Iowa. Em was “adopted” by my friend Sherry in Des Moines and her mother, who is 91. Sherry’s mother is Em’s adopted “Great-Grandma Fran.” Sherry and her mother had made little beds for Em’s Flopsy bunnies that they sent earlier—adorable little rustic beds lined and covered with burlap. Fran had sewn little pillows and made blankets for the rabbits, two blue and two in girly colors. Sherry said they spent all afternoon cutting out the containers for the beds and gluing on the burlap and making the little bedding.

All of this was done for one child hundreds of miles away that they have never met. I was so touched by their love. These quiet gestures of love I sometimes think are worth far more in the sight of God than so much of the PR and posturing and grand acts from Big and Important Names. Thank you, Grandma Sherry and Great-Grandma Fran for showing such love to our daughter.

My son said something to me the other day – I believe he may have been quoting someone else, I am not sure. But he said that evil tends to roar, but good is much quieter, and he used my husband as an example. Good goes about its loving business, comforting, supporting, filling the need without fanfare, picking up the pieces left behind by the cruel, never wanting the spotlight. I thought of that when I saw these little beds. Yes, good is quieter, but how life-changing and profound it is in the lives of those it touches.


Bunnies in Beds

3 thoughts on “A Package of Love

  1. Jasson says:


    Most true and I like that quote, I shall have to tell my wife that one. Sometimes I have to remind myself how rich I am with a wonderful wife and three lovely kids! If something was wrong with one of my kids all the STUFF or money would not matter one bit compared to one of my little ones or wife. So I am indeed filthy rich!

  2. Lori Glass says:

    What special ladies and what fun they have had being a blessing to Emily. What were the beds made out of?

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