3 thoughts on “Canticle

  1. Carol Blair says:

    With apologies, here’s the original, written by Thomas Kingo in 1689:

    On my heart imprint Thine image,
    Blessèd Jesus, King of Grace,
    That life’s riches, cares, and pleasures
    Have no pow’r Thee to efface.
    This the superscription be:
    Jesus, crucified for me,
    Is my Life, my hope’s Foundation,
    And my Glory and Salvation.

  2. Ingrid Schlueter says:

    The older wording is the way I learned it and prefer it. I just used the other wording as so many claim that the Thee’s and Thou’s distract from the meaning. (It doesn’t for me, but you can’t win, whichever form you choose!) I wish I had a decent recording of either version with music. The 8-part arrangement on YouTube by the Bethany College Choir is very poor quality on old video, but that arrangement is my favorite.

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